November 13, 2018

Triangulating Beyond the Hack: Stolen Records Just One Tool in a Comprehensive Kit

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In simpler times, cybersecurity was a fairly straightforward proposition. You had your firewall, your gateway. You monitored traffic and scanned for viruses. The bad guys weren’t even always that bad, per se. Sometimes they were just there for kicks.

But these are not simpler times. In today’s world of sophisticated criminals, hacktivism, espionage and cyber warfare, threats can come from anywhere, and for a variety of more malevolent reasons than 10 or 15 years ago.

One of the most pressing security challenges is the way “hacks” are evolving to include more than just an intrusion to an IT system. Yes, hacking into protected information is still a critical concern. And we’re seeing more efforts to triangulate information from separate hacks to increase its value, as well as an evolution of how stolen information is used.

But there is also an increasing triangulation of methods that go far beyond compromising IT systems. They include much more sophisticated social engineering and phishing techniques brought about by the availability of rich data from the market-profiling capabilities of today’s social media platforms. They also include the use of stolen information not just for monetary gain, but to deceive and to advance a greater objective. They include actual “boots on the ground,” real actors behind spoofed accounts.

Read the full article published October 10, 2018 here: by SecurityWeek.

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