Secure Multicloud Networking for Dummies: Examples & Guide


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Organizations around the world are increasingly operating in multicloud environments, but this new reality can be complicated to manage—especially if you try to build your own solution. With 63% of organizations deploying apps to three or more environments, understanding the complexity of managing hybrid and multicloud infrastructure is critical to finding the right solution.

In this new Secure Multicloud Networking for Dummies eBook, sponsored by F5, you’ll learn about the drivers behind multicloud adoption and the challenges you and your teams will face when connecting networks across hybrid and multicloud networks. You will also discover why traditional network tools fail to meet the demands of modern microservice-based workloads.

Secure Multicloud Networking for Dummies

In This eBook, You Will Learn About:

Market drivers behind secure multicloud networking

Discover why multicloud is more common than ever

Building a secure network fabric in a multicloud environment

Establishing multicloud connectivity is complex and vital

Extending network service connectivity for apps and services

Connecting apps accelerates app deployment and adds security