Contributor Debbie Walkowski

When Information Security is a Matter of Public Safety

Blog / Mar 22, 2018

By ray pompon sara boddy debbie walkowski

Seven steps for improving the security of critical infrastructure systems—and protecting the public from unnecessary risk.

The Email that Could Steal Your Life Savings and Leave You Homeless

Blog / Feb 8, 2018

By debbie walkowski david holmes

Real estate scams are big business for attackers. Be on the lookout for this one, which can leave home buyers destitute if not caught in time.

Thingbots and Reapers and Cryptominers—Oh, My! F5 Labs’ First Year in Review

Blog / Jan 25, 2018 (MODIFIED: Jan 31, 2018)

By debbie walkowski

F5 Labs covered a multitude of threats, vulnerabilities, botnets, attackers, and attacks in 2017. Here are just some of the highlights you might have missed.

What Happens to Encryption in a Post-Quantum Computing World?

Blog / Nov 7, 2017 (MODIFIED: Dec 15, 2017)

By debbie walkowski

As the possibility of quantum computing draws nearer, changes to today’s TLS key exchange algorithms will be required.

Interview With the Experts: The Future of IoT Security Through the Eyes of F5 Threat Researchers

Blog / Oct 19, 2017 (MODIFIED: Nov 30, 2017)

By debbie walkowski

When it comes to IoT threats, we’re nowhere near being out of the woods yet; we’ve just barely entered the forest.

DARPA Proves Automated Systems Can Detect, Patch Software Flaws at Machine Speed

Article / Oct 23, 2016 (MODIFIED: Jul 6, 2017)

By debbie walkowski john hall david holmes

DARPA claims it takes most organizations an average of 312 days to discover software vulnerabilities. That’s an eternity for hackers to wreak havoc in your network.

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