Contributor Julia Karpin

Wirex Android DDoS Malware Adds UDP Flood

Blog / Sep 1, 2017 (MODIFIED: Oct 4, 2017)

By julia karpin liron segal maxim zavodchik

As quickly as attackers commandeer IoT devices to build more “thingbots,” they continue to evolve their attack types and functionality.

From DDoS to Server Ransomware: Apache Struts 2 – CVE-2017-5638 Campaign

Article / Mar 27, 2017 (MODIFIED: Jul 24, 2017)

By maxim zavodchik ilya chernyakov julia karpin dylan syme

It is amazing how quickly threat actors using old web vulnerabilities in their campaigns can adapt and switch to new zero-days to deliver the same payloads.

Little Trickbot Growing Up: New Campaign

Blog / Nov 7, 2016 (MODIFIED: Dec 28, 2017)

By julia karpin shaul vilkomir preisman anna dorfman

Recently there have been several reports of a financial malware named TrickBot; this malware's code looks similar to Dyre.

Dyre Update: Moving to Edge and Windows 10 With Anti-Antivirus

Blog / Nov 11, 2015 (MODIFIED: Jul 6, 2017)

By julia karpin

Dyre malware is a well-known threat that keeps security pros on their toes due in part to the frequent changes the authors incorporate.

Slave Malware Analysis: Evolving From IBAN Swaps to Persistent Webinjects

Report / Jun 24, 2015 (MODIFIED: Jul 6, 2017)

By nathan jester elman reyes julia karpin pavel asinovsky

Slave is financial malware written in Visual Basic. Since 2015 it has evolved from relatively simple IBAN swapping.

VBKlip Banking Trojan Goes Man-in-the-Browser

Article / Apr 30, 2015 (MODIFIED: Jul 6, 2017)

By julia karpin

VBKlip has evolved significantly from searching for IBAN data in copy-paste functionality to MITB techniques.

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