2020 Cybersecurity Trends and Resolutions

Knowing the trends in cyber security is key to protecting yourself. F5 Labs' Raymond Pompon writes for Teiss, discussing the three trends that will drive challenges and opportunities in 2020.
January 22, 2020
1 min. read

From tech giants and gamers to politicians and retailers, nobody is safe from today’s mutating threat landscape.

2019 was another frenzied maelstrom of cyberattacks, mitigations, pre-emptions and preventions, with the old (phishing and DDoS et al) rubbing havoc-wreaking shoulders with the new (new vistas in cyberwars, automation and AI).

As ever, continuous pressure also begets continuous innovation, and new levels of risk are also driving operational, philosophical and digital transformations across EMEA.

Three key cyber security trends we expect to drive both challenges and opportunities in 2020 are addressing application myopia, securing APIs, and seeing the cloud as an ally.

Read the full article published January 6, 2020 here: by Teiss.

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