All You Need Is Love (And Security Controls)!

We all know we need to use security controls to protect our networks, but that's easier said than done. F5 Labs' Ray Pompon writes for ISBuzz News, discussing how to prioritize your security control options and how to actually get some of them done.
February 12, 2020
1 min. read

Love is purportedly in the air again, but is it being harnessed and channelled in the right direction?

This Valentine’s Day, are you doing all you can to lavish protective TLC on your apps? Do you have the right strategies and solutions in place to secure a mutually rewarding, long-term relationship with your apps and, by extension, customers?

Let’s explore the top recommended security controls for 2020 in order of urgency. We'll discuss using strong authentication to limit unauthorised access, practicing regular monitoring and logging, taking inventory, and much more.

Read the full article published February 12, 2020 here: by ISBuzz News.

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