Permission to Intrude: Hiring Hackers to Bolster Cyber Defenses

F5's Tristan Liverpool writes for TechRadar, explaining why some companies hire ethical hackers and where to find them.
May 31, 2019
1 min. read

To both understand and keep pace with evolving cybercriminal mindsets, many businesses are fighting fire with fire – in other words hiring hackers for help. In fact, large corporations such as Airbnb, PayPal and Spotify, recently revealed that they have willingly spent over £38M on ethical hackers to tighten their cyber defences and avoid crippling data breaches.

Ethical hackers can play a fundamental role in helping security teams consider every single possible attack vector when protecting applications. Whilst security architects have a wealth of knowledge on industry best practise, they often lack first-hand experience of how attackers perform reconnaissance, chain together multiple attacks or gain access to corporate networks.

Read the full article published May 21, 2019 here: by TechRadar.

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