Security’s Bane: The False Positive

F5 Labs' Ray Pompon writes for Help Net Security, describing the multifaceted dangers of false positives.
October 02, 2018
1 min. read

Nothing makes security look worse than the false negative – when we miss an attack and damage is suffered. As security professionals, it’s something we all obsess a lot about. However, the number two thing that makes us look bad is the false positive.

We experience this all the time in the physical world. A few months ago, I went to buy a new stove. My credit card was declined because of the large purchase amount. When I got on the phone with the bank’s fraud department, I was unable to “prove” I was who I said I was, which resulted in me having to visit one of their branches to verify myself. I no longer use this bank’s services. Too bad, since I’d been a customer for decades, but if the card won’t work when I need it to, why bother? And this is security’s bane: the false positive that is so frustrating, it drives a loyal customer away.

Read the full article published August 13, 2018 here: by Help Net Security.

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