Steering a Cyber-Course Through Covid-19’s Troubled Waters

COVID-19 has changed our business operation models, and attackers have been adapting quickly. Shape's Dan Woods writes for ITProPortal, describing the emerging trends and how different industries need to adapt.
July 21, 2020
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As Covid-19 drives a higher volume of transactions online, the dance between cyber-criminals and security professionals has stepped up a beat. Enterprises are re-assessing the robustness of their systems, while bad actors are on the look-out for vulnerabilities to exploit.

Under lockdown measures, organisations have been forced to reassess their physical environments. Now they must re-evaluate their digital ones.

At Shape Security, we process billions of transactions every week on behalf of some of the world’s biggest banks, retailers, government agencies, and airlines.

Since early March, when the shelter-in-place and lockdown guidelines started coming into force, we noticed major spikes and collapses in online activity across a range of verticals. Traffic to online grocery delivery providers in our network was up 400 per cent, and investment account logins rose by 53 per cent. Correspondingly, online travel bookings were down 75 per cent, new payroll account registrations have been cut in half. Furthermore, international money transfers fell by 35 per cent.

These are unsurprising trends, as some sectors experience unprecedented demand while others remain in lockdown. Less clear is whether the volume of attacks and malicious activity has increased in the wake of Covid-19, and indeed if there is any direct link between the two.

Read the full article published July 2, 2020 here: by ITProPortal.

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