August 20, 2020

The New Kid On The Cyber Block: Data Manipulation

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Every day, we hear about the new “innovative” ways that hackers use to infiltrate devices to inject ransomware or steal invaluable date. But hackers are also using data manipulation to make subtle modifications to data sets, which is particularly insidious and could potentially have a greater crippling effect on organizations than a data breach.

As the cybersecurity market in India is expected to grow from $1.97 billion in 2019 to $3.05 billion by 2022 - almost 150 per cent of the global rate, it is clear that India is increasingly becoming a hotspot for ransomware attacks causing this surge in demand.

Last year, a group of security researchers in Israel revealed that they managed to trick doctors into misdiagnosing patients by hacking into and tweaking the scans produced by a hospital’s X-ray machine. This type of data manipulation can cause misdiagnosis and mislead patients of their true health conditions. However, the ramifications could be even greater in a different context.

The motivation behind data manipulation

The 'CIA Triad'—short for confidentiality, integrity and availability—are established principles that form the foundation of an organization’s security infrastructure. Through data manipulation, hackers are now able to launch attacks that call into question the integrity of the data.

Read the full article published June 10, 2020 here: by Businessworld.

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