/ Mar 09, 2018

Threat Modeling the Internet of Things: Modeling Reaper

by david holmes

An advanced thingbot, nicknamed Reaper (or IoTroop), was recently discovered infecting hordes of IoT devices. Reaper ups the ante for IoT security. It has a sophisticated C2 channel system and a Lua code execution environment (to deliver much more complicated attacks), and it comes prepackaged with 100 DNS open resolvers.

Researchers are tracking Reaper, even though it hasn’t launched any attacks yet. Let’s hope it’s like Conficker—an original virus/botnet that at its peak enslaved 10 million Windows boxes, but was never activated.

Read the full article published December 13, 2017 here: http://www.securityweek.com/threat-modeling-internet-things-modeling-reaper by Security Week.

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