Panda Malware Broadens Targets to Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Social Media

Article / May 9, 2018

By doron voolf

Panda malware is back in full force with three currently active campaigns that extend its targets beyond banking to new industries and organizations worldwide.

Avoid Becoming a Crypto-Mining Bot: Where to Look for Mining Malware and How to Respond

/ Apr 3, 2018

By david holmes

People are mining coins all over the place-all it costs is money for the power bill. So, of course, clever people are figuring out how to use other people’s power to mine cryptocurrency.

Thingbots and Reapers and Cryptominers—Oh, My! F5 Labs’ First Year in Review

Blog / Jan 25, 2018 (MODIFIED: Jan 31, 2018)

By debbie walkowski

F5 Labs covered a multitude of threats, vulnerabilities, botnets, attackers, and attacks in 2017. Here are just some of the highlights you might have missed.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

/ Dec 1, 2017

By david holmes

F5 Labs' David Holmes writes for LinkedIn, discussing whether cryptocurrencies are a scam or a revolution.

Five Reasons CISOs Should Keep an Open Mind About Cryptocurrencies

Blog / Sep 26, 2017 (MODIFIED: Nov 9, 2017)

By ray pompon justin shattuck

Far from a dying breed, cryptocurrencies are not only evolving but being accepted in countless new markets. CISOs need to know the ins and outs, pros and cons.

Five Reasons the CISO is a Cryptocurrency Skeptic—Starting With Bitcoin

Blog / Sep 13, 2017 (MODIFIED: Oct 24, 2017)

By david holmes

There’s a lot of hype surrounding cryptocurrencies, but what’s good for currency traders may not be great for security-minded professionals.

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