NSA, CIA Leaks Provide a Roadmap to Stealthier, Faster, More Powerful Malware Like SambaCry and NotPetya

Blog / Jun 27, 2017 (MODIFIED: Aug 9, 2017)

By mike convertino

Recent NSA, CIA leaks expose advanced techniques for building automated malware factories that create SambaCry-like threats that deploy over untraceable networks.

SambaCry: The Linux Sequel to WannaCry

Blog / May 26, 2017 (MODIFIED: Jul 11, 2017)

By malcolm heath ray pompon

With simple exploits plaguing Windows and Linux SMB week over week, do yourself a favor and patch for CVE-2017-7494 now to avoid having to do it in panic mode.

From NSA Exploit to Widespread Ransomware: WannaCry Is on the Loose

Blog / May 12, 2017 (MODIFIED: Jul 24, 2017)

By ray pompon

The new EternalBlue NSA exploit is powering a wave of virulent ransomware sweeping across Europe.

Virtual Kidnapping: The Latest in an Endless Stream of Scams

Blog / Mar 30, 2017 (MODIFIED: Jul 24, 2017)

By mike levin

The virtual kidnapping scam is on the rise because of the excessive amount of personal information people volunteer on social media.

From DDoS to Server Ransomware: Apache Struts 2 – CVE-2017-5638 Campaign

Article / Mar 27, 2017 (MODIFIED: Jul 24, 2017)

By maxim zavodchik ilya chernyakov julia karpin dylan syme

It is amazing how quickly threat actors using old web vulnerabilities in their campaigns can adapt and switch to new zero-days to deliver the same payloads.

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