Trickbot Rapidly Expands its Targets in August, Shifting Focus to US Banks and Credit Card Companies

Article / Sep 14, 2017 (MODIFIED: Oct 17, 2017)

By sara boddy jesse smith doron voolf

TrickBot released a new worm module, shifted its focus towards the US, and soared past the one thousand target URLs mark in a single configuration.

Trickbot Focuses on Wealth Management Services from its Dyre Core

Article / Jul 27, 2017 (MODIFIED: Sep 1, 2017)

By doron voolf sara boddy jesse smith

As TrickBot evolves, we examine version 24, which heavily targets Nordic financial institutions, and we take a close look at the Dyre–TrickBot connection.

Trickbot Expands Global Targets Beyond Banks and Payment Processors to CRMs

Blog / Jun 15, 2017 (MODIFIED: Aug 1, 2017)

By sara boddy jesse smith doron voolf

TrickBot shows no signs of slowing down as new targets are added and command and control servers hide within web hosting providers’ networks.

Trickbot Now Targeting German Banking Group Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe

Blog / Dec 1, 2016 (MODIFIED: Jul 6, 2017)

By shaul vilkomir preisman

TrickBot, the latest arrival to the banking malware scene and successor to the infamous Dyre botnet, is in constant flux.

Little Trickbot Growing Up: New Campaign

Blog / Nov 7, 2016 (MODIFIED: Dec 28, 2017)

By julia karpin shaul vilkomir preisman anna dorfman

Recently there have been several reports of a financial malware named TrickBot; this malware's code looks similar to Dyre.

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