Multi-Factor Authentication on F5 Labs

F5 Labs now requires multi-factor authentication every time you sign-in.

You've seen us mention MFA plenty of times on F5 Labs as an effective way to secure both your environment as well as your users' credentials. We've instituted MFA on F5 Labs for these same reasons, and our intent is to make things as safe and easy to use as possible.

Currently, the majority of the F5 Labs site does not require you to sign-in, and this is not changing. If you don't currently sign-in when you visit F5 Labs, then this upgrade will not affect you at all. Signing in on F5 Labs enables you to comment on our content via Disqus, and as of today this is the only time you should expect to encounter MFA.

Now that MFA is activated, the next time you sign-in on F5 Labs, you'll be asked to enroll with your choice of Google Authenticator, or email-based enrollment. Over the course of 2023, you'll also see MFA launched on other F5 sites. For more information on the overall F5 MFA requirements, head over to the F5 Login and Registration FAQs. To manage your MFA settings, you can go to

As of September 12, 2023, we are discontinuing SMS as a secondary authentication factor. If you've created an F5 account that only has SMS as its secondary authentication factor, you'll be asked to enroll with either Google Authenticator or email the next time you sign in.

We're always interested to hear your thoughts on what we do at F5 Labs, and this MFA upgrade is no exception. Reach out to us at if you have any feedback or experience any problems.