2022 State of Application Strategy Report—What’s Digital Transformation Telling Us?

As digital transformation continues to expand, the exploding numbers of applications, integrations, and platforms are creating complexity that’s increasingly unmanageable. How are organizations like yours modernizing—and working to avoid the pitfalls along the way?

Explore Solutions to Top Challenges

Know what makes your apps vulnerable and how they can be attacked, so you can put solutions in place that lower your risk. 

Improve load balancing, security, performance, and management to deliver fast, uninterrupted access to your applications.

Use the components of the automation toolchain to efficiently provision, configure, and manage the services that support your apps.

Ensure end-to-end visibility into your application portfolio, so you can spot and fix issues before they affect your customers.

Digital transformation is redefining fin serv experiences to meet customer expectations.

Mission success hinges on applications that deliver secure, dependable customer experiences. 

Distributed networks are essential for traffic volumes, speed, and reduced latency.

7 steps to simplify migrating architectures to the cloud.

Provision, secure, and manage modern application infrastructure.

Choose advanced cloud solutions that'll scale into the future.

How to talk to NetOps about automation.

Rise Above What Lurks Below. Protect Your Apps and APIs.

SaaS-based F5 Distributed Cloud Web App and API Protection (WAAP) is the most comprehensive, effective, and easy-to-implement way to secure your web apps and APIs in multi-cloud and distributed environments.

Ericsson mobile wallet drives financial empowerment.   More in the Newsroom ›



By using cloud-native network functions (CNFs) to move workloads, you can automate and virtualize operations to scale your networks.

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