Coping With Multi-Cloud: How Networking Teams Enable Modern Business


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Application deployment in today’s cloud network environment has drastically changed as most organizations seek better performance and strong security for applications. Find out from 337 industry leading IT and network professionals in North America (US and Canada), how they benefit by deploying applications in multi-cloud environments. Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) research shows the need for common security throughout the entire multi-cloud environment and the cloud-based management solution that governs the system. 

Read this eBook to discover:

  • Why even organizations with multi-cloud networking maturity find it complex to support modern apps
  • How industries have increased their public cloud usage
  • Why it is necessary to better support DevOps and modern app architectures 
  • Why demands are higher for multi-cloud networking software solutions
  • How expectations are higher to increase budget for multi-cloud network solutions
  • A crucial role played by Cloud Centers of Excellence (CCoEs)

By reading this eBook, we believe you can learn more about:

Current challenges in managing MCN environments

How delivery in a secure MCN environment benefits app performance

Increased demand for solutions to manage MCN environments