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F5 Labs Partners with Cyentia Institute for Meta-Analysis of App Security

F5 Labs recently collaborated with the Cyentia Institute, leaders in security data science, to publish a meta-analysis of several prominent industry reports, each of which covers the state of application security, hence the name, ‘the state of the state of.’ This blog from Sander Vinberg comments on the degree of consensus and clarity within the world of application security researchers.

NGINX Plus Authorized by U.S. Department of Defense’s Iron Bank

It was recently confirmed by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) that NGINX Plus has received formal authorization from the DoD’s Enterprise DevSecOps Initiative, Iron Bank. This gives DoD teams expanded capabilities as part of a verified digital infrastructure, while also signaling the company’s growing presence in the Federal sector.

CX is just the tip of the DX iceberg

F5 Named Microsoft 2021 Commercial Marketplace Partner of the Year

The Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards honor companies that demonstrate excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology. This is an especially meaningful award for us because it recognizes F5’s marketplace sales and marketing expertise, as well as consistent, high-quality, predictable delivery to marketplace customers.

HTTP: The Sequel

The Dark Night. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Thor: Ragnarök. The Empire Strikes Back—sequels are frequently better than the originals. Sometimes writers need an additional opportunity to build out a fictional world or refine plots and characters. Similarly, in technology it seems the story is never quite over, with solutions like F5’s SSL Orchestrator well positioned to take advantage of industry narrative developments.

Adaptive Applications and Event-Driven Infrastructure as Code

Most organizations employ automation with infrastructure as code but still retain control over deployments. Looking forward, we’ll see more of an event-driven approach, where the trigger itself is automated based on an event. This is a significant part of what will make applications adaptive in the future—the ability to react to automatically to events and adapt location, security, and capacity to meet service-level objectives.

Using Tech for Social Good

While technology can help nonprofits extend their social impact, the social services sector spends far less on digital tools than for-profit corporations. To help bridge the gap, F5 recently awarded 20 Tech for Good Grants to nonprofits working to accelerate their digital transformation.

A Day in the Life: Visualizing App Service Performance and Security for AppDev and DevOps

AppDev teams, like their NetOps and SecOps counterparts, start and end their day with a primary goal: ensuring that applications remain healthy, secure, available, and performing well. It’s not so easy, though, to always have visibility into app service performance.

How Telcos Can Embrace the Edge

Telcos can help enterprises realize the full potential of edge computing. But what tools do they need to make it happen?