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Secure the FDX API to Defend Data in Open Banking

Cybercriminals targeting the financial services sector are focusing more of their attacks on application programming interfaces (APIs). At the same time, different development teams working on multiple applications often use disparate tool sets, pointing to the increasing importance of industry standards. F5 works closely with financial services customers worldwide to implement and secure the APIs driving open banking.

F5 Celebrates AAPI Heritage Month

F5 celebrates the contributions that generations of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have made to American history, society, and culture.

Increasing Diversity of Location and Users is Driving Business to the Edge

User, within the context of the application domain, has always referred to the entity that interacts with an application. Just as shifts in application architectures drive changes in the technologies that deliver and secure them, shifts in the definition of user have driven changes in where apps are deployed.

Join Us For a Fireside Chat About Edge at ONUG

Edge is one of the hottest topics in technology right now. An increasingly distributed society, workforce, and reliance on digital interactions have driven edge to the forefront of conversation as business faces challenges with security and delivery of the digital services that connect us all.

State of Application Strategy 2021: Unpacking the Current and Future State of Application Security and Delivery*

You might have noticed a few changes at F5 over the past year. First, we’re just F5 now. Not F5 Networks. Just F5. Because honestly, we’ve never been centered on the network.

The State of Application Strategy 2021: The Efficacy of Automation

Automation is a critical component of digital transformation. It is the automation of tasks via applications that is the focus of the first phase of the business journey known as digital transformation.

F5 Collaborates with NVIDIA to Accelerate and Secure Cloud and Edge Computing

Digital transformation and the associated data generation are threatening to overwhelm the systems and companies that rely on data to create value. Accordingly, organizations are looking for more efficient, modern computing architectures that can support multi-tenancy and deliver applications at data center scale with all the necessary levels of performance and security.

Modernizing our Perspective: Applications versus Experiences

Like Greek and Roman gods, multiple manifestations of the same persona are evident throughout many mythologies. At the core, each incarnation is a new face to an existing persona. A similar reality is true in the digital world; what we call “applications” can often be considered as incarnations of existing functionality.

The State of Application Strategy 2021: Measuring What Matters

Insights come from analysis of data. Consider that right now, as you read this, your human body is generating about 11 million bits of ‘data’ per second.

State of Application Strategy: Evaluating Seven Years of IT Priorities

Cindy Borovick examines how application security and delivery deployments mature and expand in lock-step with related technology shifts, with the top technologies planned pointing to strategic priorities and how organizations are progressing through digital transformation.