Forrester TEI Report Shows 30% Reduction in Fraud Costs with F5


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Read this study to learn about Forrester Consulting’s conversations with 5 of our top customers and how the F5 solution helped them reduce fraud costs stemming from account takeover attacks and fraudulent account creation, lower overhead for security teams chasing attackers' ever-evolving tactics, and ease login friction for legitimate customers to decrease costs. 

F5 commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct this Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to evaluate the total cost of ownership and return on investment. Benefits noted among the interviewed customers include:

  •  Reduced costs from credential-stuffing attacks by 96%
  •  Reduced fraudulent account creation by 92%
  •  Reduced customer support calls for account lockouts by 88%
  • Improved security team efficiency by more than 10,000 hours annually. 

Hear What Other Customers Are Saying:

“…When we implemented F5’s Bot Defense, account creation went down by 92% in a 24-hour span. When we saw that no calls came to the customer care center, we knew that these accounts were fraudulent…”
– CISO, Retail

“… We were seeing multiple P1 incidents from credential stuffing attacks before implementing F5’s Bot Defense, and now we’re only dealing with one every six months or so…”
– Executive Director, Financial Services

“…With bot attacks, the game changes all the time. They’re learning and adapting, and our prior solution could not keep up, putting more burden on our security team…”
– Engineering Director, Retail