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As digital transformation continues to change the landscape, deploying consistent application services enables organizations to keep pace and thrive.

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2019 Telecom Report

Network operators are leaders among their peers in other verticals in adopting new application services as well as the people, process, and systems changes required to monetize applications in the digital economy.

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2019 Financial Services Report

The financial services industry is embracing digital transformation, strategically exploring new technologies such as blockchain, and implementing automation—while leading their peers in security and analytics deployments.

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2019 DevOps Report

As the transformation to DevOps ideologies continues, application services are evolving to take on an even more prominent role in delivery and deployment.

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Trends in the Americas Report

Organizations in the Americas are more likely to have adopted a multi-cloud strategy compared to their global counterparts.

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Trends in EMEA Report

Organizations in EMEA are aggressively embracing modern methods and technologies to realize IT optimization, but are eschewing self-service outside of IT.

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Trends in Asia Pacific Report

Asia Pacific businesses are ahead of the automation game, with 60% of respondents deploying automation and orchestration initiatives.

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2018 Global Report

The growth of apps in the cloud creates a world of opportunities—and a new set of challenges for organizations that must deploy and manage a vast portfolio of applications in multi-cloud environments.

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2017 Global Report

In order to thrive in the fast-moving digital world, applications need a robust set of application services that boost performance, maintain availability, bolster security, and deliver the visibility you need.

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2016 Global Report

Performance, security, availability, and identity services improve employee productivity, reduce organizational risk, and drive positive customer engagement—as well as revenue growth.

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2015 Global Report

As application deployments expand to include public, private, and hybrid cloud models, the complexity and diversity of the network services needed to support those applications will also continue to grow.

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