Credential Stuffing 2021: Latest Attack Tools and Trends

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Credential stuffing is a cat-and-and mouse game. Companies create new defenses, hackers develop tools to bypass these safeguards, and the cycle continues.

Today’s attackers use automation and sophisticated tools to emulate human behavior and circumvent security controls. Additionally, widely used mitigations, including CAPTCHA and multi-factor authentication (MFA), can frustrate real users and lead to customer abandonment.

Business leaders and security teams are in a tough spot. Credential stuffing can lead to data breach, account takeover, a damaged brand, and fraud while security challenges can impact the customer experience and revenue.

Read this eBook to learn:

  • Why readily available data, tools, and infrastructure provide attackers with attractive ROI
  • The importance of maintaining resiliency and efficacy as attackers retool and adapt to security countermeasures
  • The negative impact of commonly used security controls such as CAPTCHA and MFA
  • How to create a security deterrent by making attackers’ efforts too costly to be feasible