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F5 Collaborates with NVIDIA to Accelerate and Secure Cloud and Edge Computing

Digital transformation and the associated data generation are threatening to overwhelm the systems and companies that rely on data to create value. Accordingly, organizations are looking for more efficient, modern computing architectures that can support multi-tenancy and deliver applications at data center scale with all the necessary levels of performance and security.

Modernizing our Perspective: Applications versus Experiences

Like Greek and Roman gods, multiple manifestations of the same persona are evident throughout many mythologies. At the core, each incarnation is a new face to an existing persona. A similar reality is true in the digital world; what we call “applications” can often be considered as incarnations of existing functionality.


モバイル ネットワークは複雑さを増し、複数の世代のネットワークが共存し、さらにこれまでの実装から受け継いだセキュリティ リスクも存在しています。5Gネットワークを構築する際は、有害でコストの大きいセキュリティ上の失策を回避するために、計画の段階でセキュリティを組み込む必要があります。

The Future of the AI-Based Enterprise

We are living in an unprecedented time. Technology innovations routinely disrupt existing business models, and in some cases, completely replace existing industries—continuously and fundamentally changing the way we live and interact with each other. This post identifies three areas where AI is currently having a major impact on the enterprise.

Living on the Edge: How we got here

The first in a series of blogs that looks at application-related technologies whose tide will be coming in during the next few years, especially as we evolve toward a more fully dispersed application delivery fabric and the emergent role of the edge. We’ll begin by examining where we are today (and the paths taken so far).

Fighting for a Radically Inclusive World

The fight for anti-racism in support of our friends, family, and coworkers of Asian and Pacific Islander ancestry is part of a much bigger battle. We are fighting for a world that is radically inclusive—where we, as a global community, don’t just tolerate differences, we celebrate them.

State of Application Strategy 2021: Modernization Mania

This framework maps the technology evolution that accompanies the business journey from physical to digital models. Each phase is marked by a business initiative that is enabled by technology.

State of Application Strategy: Asia Pacific’s Appetite for Edge Computing and App Modernization

Keiichiro Nozaki takes a closer look at regional results and variations among the responses received for F5's 2021 State of Application Strategy report.

Investing in the Next Generation of Black Leaders

Education is the key to changing a life trajectory—and F5 is thrilled to support Rainier Scholars as it prepares students of color for long-term academic success and lives of leadership.



The Rise of the Modern Monolith

While there’s a tendency to focus on applications that directly implement a customer experience, every business domain will see the rise of applications that ultimately become critical to their digital presence. These applications, then, become the modern equivalent of a monolith.

F5 Teams with IBM to Help Enterprises Manage Hybrid Cloud Workloads

IBM Cloud Satellite is designed to bring cloud services to where clients’ data already resides—and help them bridge to where they want to go. This aligns with F5’s ambitions for Edge 2.0 and our vision of distributing applications—at the data center, in the public cloud, and at the edge—to help assure a seamless, consistent, and secure user experience.

A Day in the Life: Unifying and Enhancing Security with BIG-IQ

BIG-IQ 8.0 enables better management and visibility of F5 security solutions, improving overall security posture and threat protection. The latest version introduces several security administration and visibility enhancements that help security pros not only lower the risk of a new breach but also simplify and streamline day-to-day management tasks.

The State of Application Strategy 2021: Necessity is the Mother of Motivation

Like many proverbs, the origins of "necessity is the mother of invention" is muddled. Often attributed to Plato, it is also ascribed to a variety of other well-known writers. Lacking an authoritative source, however, makes the proverb no less true.


EVP Kara Sprague:パンデミックは、私たちの働き方、学び方、人とのつながり方など、生活のあらゆる面に影響を与えています。そのため、第7回『アプリケーション戦略』年次レポートの結果で、COVID-19が世界中を席巻する前にすでに動き出していたデジタル変革の取り組みの劇的な加速と比べると、それほど大きく変化していないことに私は驚いています。

A Day in the Life: Maintaining Visibility and Control of BIG-IP

Every organization is now in the digital experiences business—meaning that good UX, high performance, zero downtime, secure transactions, and a high degree of personalization are no longer differentiators; they're expected.

Changing Security at the Speed of Business

In today’s fast-paced, what-have-you-done-for-me-lately world, changes in business must happen in the blink of an eye or have significant negative impact. For security solutions in particular, rapidly increasing capacity or quickly changing configurations can be driven by the need to add new applications or adapt existing ones, or by an immediate and massive influx of remote workers.

QUIC Will Eat the Internet

QUIC has broad industry support and the potential to be the basis of most applications that deliver business value over the internet. Anyone delivering applications over the internet should start thinking about how their operations should change to reflect the new threats and opportunities that these protocols bring.

Safer Together: Equinix and F5 DNS

There are many tropes in film and television. We're aware of them, even if we don't implicitly recognize them. A common set of tropes revolves around the hero of a story.