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Microsoft and F5: Together Addressing Secure Remote Access and Productivity

With the impacts of COVID-19, organizations need to ensure that their now home-based and remote employees are able to securely and seamlessly access the applications they need to be productive—especially with all the new challenges they’re facing every day. F5 BIG-IP APM and Azure Active Directory simplify the user experience for application access by enabling users to log in once and access all applications they have the right to access in any location.

Unintended Consequences of COVID-19: Operational Exposure

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Many people have uttered this phrase since COVID-19 forced us from our offices into our homes to work remotely. One of those extraordinary measures has been ...

Video and Network Optimization for Mobile Service Providers in the Time of COVID-19

For mobile service providers, COVID-19 has been the catalyst recently for dramatic traffic growth as enterprises and consumers follow mandatory stay-at-home guidelines. Fortunately, many OTT providers have throttled their video streams to reduce the strain on the network, but this has highlighted to service providers the importance of being prepared in the future with intelligent traffic management and video optimization solutions.

Living through the Pandemic in Asia: A Perspective on Crisis

Kunaciilan Nallappan, RVP of Marketing for Asia Pacific, shares his thoughts on F5’s initial response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the continuing importance of putting employees, customers, and communities first as we navigate these times together.

How Secure is your VPN?

Perennially important, virtual private network (VPN) security is now imperative given the current COVID-19 pandemic. Remote working has fast become the new normal and, correspondingly, the demand for VPN capabilities has skyrocketed. Unfortunately—if unsurprisingly—attacks on VPNs have risen sharply alongside.

From Solutions to Stacks: The Age of Assembly

This componentization of IT is like the componentization of the applications it is tasked with securing and delivering. Estimates range from 80 to 90% of modern applications are composed of third-party components; most of which are open source.

What Six Years of "State Of Application Services" Data Tells Us about Organization Preparedness

As organizations rapidly mobilize a global workforce to work from home, they are considering the performance, availability, and security of their corporate applications. In our conversations with customers and partners around the world over the past month, we interestingly see a renewed focus on some of the same application services that topped the list in 2015—load balancing, network firewall, anti-virus, and most importantly, identity and access.

F5 Technical Services: Continuing Business in the Time of Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new work reality almost overnight. Globally, companies like F5 are finding new ways to reinforce flexibility and innovative collaboration as key elements of employee culture. In this article, Jay Kelley takes a closer look at the activities of the Technology Services team at F5 during the course of March 2020 to meet the changing needs of the company and its customers.

Engaging Global Teams and Communities during Shifting Tides of COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to make its impact felt on a worldwide scale, F5’s Chief Human Resources Officer Ana White and Chief Marketing & Customer Experience Officer Mika Yamamoto reflect on implementing response and readiness efforts reaching employees and communities worldwide.

Gaining Visibility into your Applications Requires Breaking Down Operational Silos

F5 EVP Kara Sprague: One of the reasons why application-level visibility remains so elusive is because application data paths are complex. There are generally several operational silos along the data path for a single application, and even more operational silos for each of the application architectures and infrastructure environments used within any multi-cloud architecture. And where there are silos, there is limited visibility.

Optimizing Remote Access to Support WFH during COVID-19

The dominance of video and SaaS traffic today is, in part, why remote access services are being overwhelmed. In parallel, the rise of telemedicine during this pandemic is increasing and along with it, live video traffic. One way to increase capacity and improve performance for remote users is to update your remote access configuration to reflect the modern makeup of application traffic.

Keeping Networks Running and Protected in a Time of Uncertainty

A new reality brings new vulnerabilities. With nearly 100% of staff telecommuting, what becomes the most important link in the connectivity chain? When exponentially more customers rely on the Internet to order products, what part of an organization’s operations suddenly becomes the most critical? Of course, it’s the network.




コロナウイルスによって加速するテレワークへの大規模なシフトは、F5をはじめとする企業にとって、お客様が事業を間断なく続けられるようにするための代表的な取り組みの1つです。しかし、業界全体でこのシフトが定着するにつれ、他の分野にも複雑な影響が現れ始めました。F5 Cloud Services GMのCalvin Rowlandが、現在の情勢下でのDNSの影響、および関連するお客様の取り組みについて考察します。

コロナウイルス対策:エンド ユーザーにとってのアプリケーションの可用性とパフォーマンスを向上させる6つの方法

ITのプロフェッショナルであれば、COVID-19の影響による対人的な調整に加えて、ビジネス継続性の新たな課題が目の前に山積みになっているでしょう。就業スケジュールの変更、アプリケーションへのリモート アクセス、ネットワークとデータの需要急増など、前例のない変化にすばやく対処しなければなりません。これらすべてが、リソースへの過剰な負担からアプリケーションの健全性とパフォーマンスの低下を引き起こしかねず、COVID-19に対策を講じようとする顧客への対応能力に影響します。

F5のCOVID-19対策に関するCEO François Locoh-Donouからの手紙


リモート ワーカーの安全と接続を維持するF5のBIG-IP APM

COVID-19の流行のさなかの在宅勤務やリモート勤務における生産性と安全性を、F5のBIG-IP APMが維持します。

CEO François Locoh-DonouがF5従業員に宛てたレター:Shape Securityの買収

F5がShape Securityを買収することに合意したことを伝えるF5社員宛ての電子メールを、François Locoh-Donouが紹介します。