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CEO François Locoh-DonouがF5従業員に宛てたレター:Shape Securityの買収

F5がShape Securityを買収することに合意したことを伝えるF5社員宛ての電子メールを、François Locoh-Donouが紹介します。


For app developers, working alongside a large infrastructure-platform team can be a blessing or a curse. When that team provides infrastructure, networking, and security services in a managed, self-service model—thereby relieving developers of the toil of managing infrastructure—it's truly a blessing. But if the infrastructure team’s primary delivery is a week(s)-long backlog and a revolving door of handoffs, developers can feel cursed.


A good way to think about how digital transformation and DevOps practices are influencing app deployment is to picture an application factory. Instead of handcrafted policies and manual review processes, network and security experts need to define reusable policies for developers to deploy with their applications as part of an automated deployment pipeline.

Top 3 Takeaways from the Site Reliability Engineering Panel with LinkedIn, Dell, and Gremlin at NGINX Conf 2019

At NGINX Conf 2019, we conducted more than 50 recorded sessions covering various subjects. This blog shares takeaways from one of the hottest topics in the industry: Site Reliability Engineering (and also the related topic of Chaos Engineering).

When the digital mice get smarter so must the digital mousetrap

Business Needs a Smarter Mousetrap to Catch Next-Generation Attacks.

The Future of Load Balancing Rests on Data

Cloud-native applications are being built at a good clip. While they're not quite dominating app portfolios just yet, they are increasing in number.

Edge Computing: A Game Changer for Service Providers?

Soon, every organization dealing with multiple interconnected devices and rapid data processing demands will need an edge computing strategy, not to mention the technology to make it all work.

Delivering End-to-End Application Visibility

The pressure to transform digitally has become universal. Whatever your strategy is, the trick is to figure out how to deploy and manage applications in a consistent way across all your different infrastructure silos. The best way to do this—and to get visibility into your code-to-customer pathways for all of your applications—is to leverage a consistent set of multi-cloud application services.

Protecting Business Means Protecting APIs

APIs create value through their ability to abstract at the application layer. For example, the use of an API to abstract access to internal systems and data provides a way to simplify and automate access to legacy IT systems.

Azure Strategy Still Coming Together? Here’s Four Ways F5 Can Help

All cloud journeys are unique and can be complicated, with very different objectives, strategies, and hurdles. So let’s take a look at how F5 can help you and your applications wherever you are in your cloud journey.

The Three Phases of Digital Transformation

In recent years, enterprises in every industry sector have been embarked on a digital transformation journey in one way or another. Business enterprises are taking advantage of the proliferation of digital technologies to define new business models or to improve business productivity with existing models.

DevOps Doesn’t End with Delivery

It doesn’t matter how fast you can deliver if deployment delays release. While NetOps are warming up to automation and orchestration, there are significant challenges facing their efforts to speed up deployment.

Phishing Season is Upon Us

You can't protect what you can't find

Visibility is an often-cited challenge typically referring to the ability to inspect traffic, transactions, and errors that occur during an application's execution.

Industry Trends with Forrester’s Channel Expert Jay McBain

F5’s Maggie Miller chats with an industry analyst on the trends driving optimism in the channel, how today’s buyers are different, and advice for F5 partners in this ever-changing market.

F5 and Intel: Accelerating Applications Anywhere

We are thrilled that Intel has named F5 as a 2019 Leaders Board partner in the Intel® Network Builders program. Our strategic partnership with Intel has, for more than 15 years, enabled F5 to use Intel technology to deliver optimized, highly performant application services for both enterprises and service providers.

Kubernetes is Winning the Multi-Cloud War

Digging through Sumo Logic's latest data - compiled from actual usage of more than 2000 customers - we see an increase in Kubernetes usage specifically in AWS.