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Lea Louder: Giving Back Even When Circumstances Get Tough

A senior cybersecurity manager at F5, Lea Louder channeled her desire to give back into volunteering at her local food bank when COVID shut down the world.

Prompt Engineering is Producing Natural Language Algorithms

As prompt engineering evolves, the techniques being produced are transforming into natural language algorithms for effective AI communication.

State of Application Strategy: A Decade of Data

We've come a long way from the public vs. private debates of yesteryear. F5's SOAS reports have found that the average IT stack will remain hybrid, with capabilities such as compute, network, storage, and applications distributed widely across core, cloud, and edge environments.

Hybrid Multi-Cloud Strategies and Performance Management

Explore the role of hybrid multi-cloud models and learn how to manage complexities for better security and performance with F5 and Google Cloud.

Solving for Security and Reliability of Generative AI

Generative AI comes with benefits, but also with risks. Get valuable insights to solve for AI security and reliability with the data that it handles.

Power Your Application Modernization Journey with Google Cloud and F5

Simplify application modernization, ensure adaptive app security, and accelerate app development in your Google Cloud environment with DevSecOps.

A Journey to Gender Equity: Q&A with Kara Sprague on Breaking Through as a Woman in Cybersecurity

In the sixth Q&A installment of the “A Journey to Gender Equity” blog series, F5 EVP Kara Sprague shares how she ended up in cybersecurity and her advice for women and other underrepresented groups building cybersecurity careers.

Data Masking and How It Differs from Data Leak Prevention

Explore the differences between data masking and data leak prevention strategies and learn about the emerging role of data masking in the era of generative AI.

Untangling Application Security Challenges in the Era of Multi-Cloud API Sprawl

Discover solutions for tackling API sprawl, ensuring runtime protection, and leveraging AI in a world of multi-cloud complexity with a webinar by F5.

Getting Ahead of NIS2: How F5 Can Help

How F5 can help you meet NIS2’s rigorous risk management and reporting requirements.

eBPF: Revolutionizing Security and Observability in 2023

Discover eBPF's impact on security and observability, strategic choice for enterprise cost-cutting, visibility boost, and fueling AI data pipelines.

Think Holiday Scams Are Just a Consumer Problem? Think Again!

Here are some ideas to help educate and protect your employees, users, and organization from attacks surrounding Singles’ Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or any other shopping holiday.

Helping Veterans Thrive in the Corporate World

One of six employee inclusion groups at F5, the Military Veterans EIG supports veteran employees and recruits military members transitioning to tech careers.

F5 Awards STEM Education Grants to Nonprofits Serving Women & Girls of Color

F5 is thrilled to announce our 2023 F5 STEM Education Grant Partners. These partners offer programs to inspire women & girls of color to pursue STEM careers.

F5 Receives Six TrustRadius 2023 Best of Awards

F5 is proud to have achieved this recognition and is committed to delivering high-quality products and services that meet the needs of our customers.

Strengthening Container Security with EKS Anywhere and NGINX

Explore how containers and Kubernetes can reshape cloud infrastructure. Learn how to boost security with EKS Anywhere and NGINX Ingress Controller.

Augment Hybrid Cloud Security and Performance with F5, AWS, and Intel

Leverage F5 to strengthen security, ensure optimal performance, and deliver enhanced IT protection and speed in your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Buying Your F5 Solutions Through AWS Marketplace to Save Time and Money

Discover how F5 solutions on the AWS Marketplace streamline procurement, enhance security, and bring time and cost savings to your cloud infrastructure.

Protecting Your Atlassian Confluence Deployment from CVE-2023-22515 and More

F5's sophisticated solutions offer comprehensive and consistent security to protect your Confluence instance from unauthorized user additions and a host of other potential threats.