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F5 Marks World AIDS Day 2021

F5 marks this World AIDS Day with a humble commitment to its staff, customers, community, and partners, that we must take part in the efforts to break down the remaining stigma about living with HIV.

Employees Are the Superpower Behind Giving Tuesday

At F5, we’ve turned Giving Tuesday into a week-long celebration, and it’s become one of our company’s most important giving campaigns—one that generates positive results for hundreds of nonprofits worldwide.

The Future of 5G

There would be few people who haven’t heard of 5G and its rollout in Australia. Fewer people, however, have a clear understanding of the kind of infrastructure, security and operator types needed to enable 5G across Australia, for speed, low latency, and scale.

Modern Security for Modern Environments

Back in the day enterprise architecture was physical and singular, conveniently located in the one place, which could easily be managed and made secure.

How to Save Hundreds of Hours a Month on App Deployment Using Multi-Cloud Clusters

Microservices are the norm in today’s software deployment world. As applications are decomposed into different services, the number of applications that an organization needs to deploy increases. Often the number of services increases hundreds or thousands of times. If I have one hundred applications today, this often becomes thousands of microservices.



It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…for Attacks and Attackers

To safeguard your customers’ holiday shopping experience and to ensure your business-critical applications remain up and uncompromised, it is essential to secure your apps against common attack types that plague retail and e-commerce businesses during the holiday shopping period. Here are some strategies to help your organization weather the holiday cyberattack storm.

FinTechs grow in popularity amongst consumers and criminal organizations

As the digital economy grows so does the processing of payments through financial services institutions, and malicious actors are taking notice of the lucrative opportunities this presents. The digital payment ecosystem relies on the use of APIs to facilitate digital financial transactions and the number of API security incidents are growing yearly. Digital firms, especially those in financial services, need to increase focus on securing their APIs to protect their customers and business.



Say Hello to the New F5

What we call ourselves in this world matters. And when our lives and identities change, our names often do too. In the quarter century since F5 Networks was founded, we’ve gone through many evolutions, but our name has remained the same. It’s time for a change.

Staying Ahead of Cybercriminals by Aligning Security and Fraud

Staying ahead of the growing sophistication of criminal organizations and their attacks is difficult, especially with staffing and resources in short supply. It’s time to look inward and outward. Bringing together cybersecurity and fraud management into an integrated team and leveraging external expertise provides compelling benefits.

5 Key E-Commerce Holiday Shopping Cyberattacks to Secure, Defend, and Protect Against

Companies must be prepared to defeat modern cyberattacks and protect their e-commerce business to ensure a seamless and secure user journey to checkout. Accordingly, organizations should connect their security and fraud solutions and teams to provide real-time monitoring and intelligence that mitigate both human and automated fraud before it impacts the business—without disrupting the customer experience.

Ensure Salesforce Commerce Cloud Security with F5 Bot Defense

Ensure Salesforce Commerce Cloud security by defending and protecting from bot attacks and more with F5 Bot Defense, across any channel.


カスタマ エクスペリエンス(CX)がアップタイムにのみ関連していると考えるのは誤りです。CXは、電源が入っているかどうかだけでなく、全体的な操作から生じる感覚の影響を受けます。また、CXは顧客とじかに接するアプリケーションに限定されるものではありません。主に人間以外の存在(機械やスクリプトなど)がアクセスするアプリケーションでも、プロセスのどこかに人間が介在しています。その結果、CXはデジタル トランスフォーメーションにおいてますます重要な要素となり、開発ライフサイクルにも関連してきます。

Transit Gateway Flexibility in Multi-Cloud Networking

Services like AWS Transit Gateway have significantly simplified cloud networking. F5's Volterra further extends the concept of multi-tiered hub-and-spoke networking to the global level, effectively functioning as a multi-cloud transit gateway to connect public and private clouds.


F5は毎年、米国および世界各国の非営利団体に「STEM教育助成金」を授与しています。先日、F5の最高人材活用責任者であるAna Whiteに、これらの助成金とその影響、そして有色人種の女性や少女がSTEM分野でキャリアを積むことを奨励する必要性について話を聞きました。

デジタル トランスフォーメーションの先にあるリスク:APIのスプロール


Stay Alert for Holiday Formjacking

Formjacking attacks can be overlooked, in part because of threats like ransomware tend to generate more headlines. However, as the holiday season approaches and online shopping ramps up, we can be sure that attackers aren't overlooking it, so here's a quick reminder about what this threat means to e-commerce organizations and what we can do about it.

Providing Predictability with Quarterly Security Notifications

F5 is making a change in how we handle the public communication of security issues in our software products. We're moving to a predictable quarterly cadence when we have CVEs or exposures to disclose. These new Quarterly Security Notifications will align the public communication of vulnerabilities and security exposures across all F5 products to one pre-announced date each quarter so customers can plan for possible maintenance activities to ensure they are protected.

AIとリアルタイム テレメトリによる分散型クラウド エッジでのサイバーセキュリティの再定義

デジタル トランスフォーメーションとクラウド テクノロジの導入により、アプリケーションのアーキテクチャに変化が生じています。このような変化により、新たな攻撃対象が登場し、資金力があり高度に組織化された巧妙な攻撃手法に狙われています。F5は、NVIDIAのMorpheusフレームワークを利用して、リアルタイムのテレメトリとAIを活用した分析により、このような高度な脅威を検出する技術を研究しています。