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State of Application Strategy 2024: The Impact of Digital Services

Explore the decisive trends shaping our world in the 2024 State of Application Strategy, emphasizing digital transformation's role in driving the adoption of digital services.

F5 Listed Among Leaders in KuppingerCole Leadership Compass 2024 for WAF

F5 Distributed Cloud WAAP was listed as a leader in the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass 2024 for WAF for product, innovation, market fit, and overall.

Enhancing AWS API Gateway Security: Best Practices for API Management

Learn more about top strategies for securing AWS API Gateway, and implementing secure API management, cloud native security, and threat detection on AWS.

Generative AI & Emerging Data Types Impact App Architecture

Back in 2022 I noticed a subtle shift in app architecture that manifested in the market with discussions around new protocols and data. This was not all that surprising, for as I mentioned back then app architectures historically rise and begin to shape the app delivery and security markets every five years, and rise to dominance about five years after that.

BIG-IP Next: Securing and Delivering the Next Application Era

Recognizing that the complexity and magnitude of today’s application and threat landscape will only rise in years to come, the core tenets for BIG-IP Next are that of simplification, security, and scale.

How to Prevent AWS Encrypted Ransomware Cyberattacks with F5 BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator

F5 BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator gives your security professionals visibility into encrypted threats to safeguard AWS apps without slowing them down.

The PCI DSS 3.2.1 Clock Has Hit the Midnight Hour... Are You Ready for 4.0?

It’s time to ensure that your security and PCI DSS compliance plan is on track and not a disruptor to your security operations and—more importantly—your organization’s revenue collection too.

Transforming the Web: The End of Silos

The way we use the internet is about to change in a big way. The shift towards a more unified and efficient web navigation method is a big leap from the traditional siloed web browsing we’ve gotten used to. It promises not just improvements in how we experience the web but also brings about radical changes in business models and how we interact with online services and machines.

How Generative AI Accelerates Digital Transformation

See how Generative AI catalyzes enterprise digital transformation, accelerating trends like API integration, hybrid IT operating model challenges & AIOps shift.

Optimizing Content Delivery with Flex Caching in CDNs

Explore Flex Caching in CDNs for tailored content delivery, improved cache hit ratios, cost efficiency, reduced server load, and enhanced content control.

Takeaways from Ivanti SSL VPN Vulnerability Exploits

Hackers are exploiting Ivanti's SSL VPN vulnerability. Learn what you need to do to protect your organization and upgrade to a zero-trust app access environment.

Navigating the Cloud Evolution with a Multicloud Networking Strategy

Explore the surge in multicloud networking amid cloud evolution. Tackle cloud networking challenges with an application-centric and security-focused approach.

Origin Traffic’s Role Within Content Delivery Networks

Learn how origin traffic in content delivery networks optimizes content, improves load balancing, and increases security for a seamless online experience.

Unlocking the Future: How Partners Benefit with F5 and Google Cloud Marketplace

Streamline F5 solutions procurement and delivery and reach more customers on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Healthcare DDoS Prevention Solutions with F5 Distributed Cloud Services and Intel

Explore how F5 Distributed Cloud Services and Intel offer robust protection for healthcare against DDoS attacks and fraud without disrupting patient care.

Connecting Women Across F5

F5 Connects Women offers the camaraderie and belonging female professionals need to thrive in tech.

Safeguard Epic Applications with AWS and F5 for Better Patient Outcomes

Discover how AWS and F5 protect healthcare data and Epic applications, ensuring security, compliance, and better patient outcomes.

Why Top Financial Services Companies Rely on F5

Learn why top financial institutions trust F5 for cybersecurity in banking. Explore how F5's solutions protect sensitive data and ensure top-notch security.

Addressing the OWASP Top Ten API Vulnerabilities: API Security Needs Bot Management

Learn about the critical link between bot management and API security. Safeguard against resource consumption attacks, authentication vulnerabilities, and more.