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From OpenAPI to NGINX as an API Gateway Using a Declarative API

Explore how to transform an OpenAPI schema definition into a fully functioning NGINX configuration running as an API Gateway with Web Application Firewall security and a Developer Portal using a declarative API approach.

The Impact of AI Inferencing on Data Center Architecture

To support the full AI life cycle, organizations will require significant updates in their architecture—specifically changes in the network. Failure to do so may lead to the inability scale and unreliable operations.

NGINX One Update: New Features Released

NGINX One is the next phase of our journey and an effort to make all NGINX products easier to configure, secure, scale and manage.

AI Inference Patterns

AI inference services enable AI access for developers, and can be consumed in a variety of ways. Key patterns include SaaS, Cloud Managed, and Self-Managed, each with unique trade-offs in scalability, cost, and data control.

Understanding the EU's Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) Regulation Compliance in Financial Services

Explore key DORA incident reporting requirements, third-party risk compliance, and software solutions to enhance risk management in the EU financial sector.

State of Application Strategy 2024: Solutions for Connecting and Securing Apps on AWS

The 2024 SOAS shares insights to help you secure and operate your AWS apps more efficiently with F5. Explore API security, AWS microservices, and service mesh solutions.

NGINX Plus R32リリース

NGINX Plus R32 introduces significant improvements in NGINX load times for cases where the same certificates are used across a large number of locations, a new module to effectively route multi-protocol traffic from stream to other modules, official availability of NGINX Plus container images, and much more.

Get Next-Gen Encrypted Threat Protection with F5 BIG-IP Next SSL Orchestrator

Explore how F5 BIG-IP Next SSL Orchestrator supports next-gen, automated encrypted threat protection with an API-centric platform for any app, anywhere.

Championing People with Different Abilities

F5 Ability provides community and belonging for employees with neurological and physical differences.

BIG-IP and BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator: Pioneers in Achieving Common Criteria STIP Certification

Explore how F5 BIG-IP's Common Criteria STIP certification sets a standard in network security, ensuring robust defense against the evolving cyber threat landscape.

Generative AI’s Impact on Application Performance

Explore the impact of generative AI on latency, user experience, performance metrics, and the broader consequences of AI that could impact your applications.

Add Simplicity, Security, and Performance to AI Inference with F5, Intel, and Dell

Discover how F5, Intel, and Dell improve AI inference with enhanced security, simplified deployment, and boosted performance across data centers, clouds, and the edge.

State of Application Strategy 2024: Generative AI Redefines Automation Evolution

Explore how generative AI is revolutionizing automation strategies, accelerating digital transformation, optimizing delivery, and addressing AIOps challenges.

Google Cloud Next ’24 Showcases the Future of App and API Security

F5 was excited to be part of Google Cloud Next ’24 in Las Vegas in April. Tens of thousands of people attended, all seeking to learn the latest about Google Cloud and its many partners.

Cloud Chronicles: Leverage a Log Aggregator for Enhanced Cloud Operations

Maximize security and performance in cloud operations with F5's advanced log management. Explore how security and network event log analysis drive growth.

Setting the Standard with Six 2024 TrustRadius Top Rated Awards

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, recognition isn't just a pat on the back; it's a testament to relentless innovation, customer-centricity, and commitment to excellence.

Spark New Sales with Azure Application Security and F5 Multiparty Offers

Discover how F5 enhances cloud security via Microsoft Partner Marketplace and Azure Private Offers, automating services smoothly for optimal efficiency.

Enhancing Cybersecurity in Education with Stronger Multicloud Defenses

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, consumer-level apps have revolutionized the way students engage with their education institutions.