Try BIG-IP Virtual Edition

Get F5 application services in any environment.

On-premises, in the cloud, or a mix of both, F5 BIG-IP Virtual Edition (VE) delivers app services in way that lets you move faster than hardware allows.


Get your trial started

1. Login or register

You will need to use your F5 support ID to login in and request your trial key. Don’t have one? No problem, click the link below and go through the steps to create your support account.

2. Request your key

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be prompted to pick the trial type and number of licenses you want. Your order will be delivered via the email you used to create your support account.

3. Download the software

While you’re waiting for your key, you can download the software. Just pick your hypervisor (see below) to start the download.

4. Launch it

Use your key to unlock the trial and start setting up BIG-IP VE in your environment.

“Thanks to F5, we now have the necessary virtualization to offer acceleration and application delivery services whenever our clients require it.”

– Diego Castro Cao, CTO, FiberCorp


Here's what's included:

When you sign up for the BIG-IP and BIG-IQ VE trial, you receive a set of license keys. Each key will correspond to a component listed in the table below:


Number of Instances Component Name Description
1 BIG-IQ Centralized Management (CM) Manages the lifecycle of BIG-IP instances including analytics, licenses, configurations, and auto-scaling policies.
1 BIG-IQ Data Collection Device (DCD) Aggregates logs and analytics of traffic and BIG-IP instances to be used by BIG-IQ
1 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM), Access (APM), Application Firewall (ASM), Network Firewall (AFM), DNS Keep your apps up and running with BIG-IP application delivery controllers. BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) and BIG-IP DNS handle your application traffic and secure your infrastructure. You’ll get built-in security, traffic management, and performance application services, whether your applications live in a private data center or in the cloud.


Tech Specs

BIG-IP VE v12.1.X and later

Supported platforms:

• VMware ESXi


• Community Xen

• Microsoft Hyper-V

• Amazon Web Services

• Microsoft Azure

• OpenStack

• Google Cloud Platform

Max.Throughput: 1 Mbps

Min. disk space required: 10 GB

Min. memory required: 2 GB per


Minimum processor required: up to

4 vCPUs

Max. SSL VPN Users: 10

DNS: 1000 qps

BIG-IQ 5.14 and later

Supported platforms:

• VMware ESXi

• Linux KVM

• Community Xen

• Microsoft Hyper-V

• Citrix XenServer

• Amazon Web Services

• Microsoft Azure

1 (one) BIG-IQ Console License

1 (one) BIG-IQ Data Collection


3 Systems under management


Now, pick the right software

Select the hypervisor or environment where you want to run BIG-IP VE.

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Talk with an F5 rep and find out more about your options.