Ensuring Customer Trust in a New Era of Technology and Innovation

Service Provider Threat Landscape 2021


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Service providers are engaged in a dramatic digital transformation toward a distributed and complex multi-cloud network that must support an exponentially greater number of connected devices. More devices and more complexity equal an expanded attack surface, making it harder to assess and intercept increasingly sophisticated malicious attacks.

Maintaining trust, safeguarding personal information, and providing a reliable network are the cornerstones of end-to end network security. By building security into every aspect of your business and network ecosystem, you can safeguard your network, your data, and—ultimately—your subscribers.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • How increasing network complexity, traffic, and the number of connected IoT devices add up to an expanded threat landscape, which makes security critically important.
  • How threat insights and mitigation strategies can address all components of the threat landscape—from the front office all the way to the 5G core.
  • Why enabling security solutions that are subscriber aware and scale with your network can help you automate and innovate while maintaining customer trust.