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Organisations have seen an accelerated move to the Cloud. Tech teams today are pushing forward to migrate business-critical digital services onto a hybrid mix of on-premise, cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications.

Managing such heterogeneous operating environments introduce significant complexities around performance management and data resiliency. While multi-cloud ecosystems allow organizations to leverage “best-of-breed” services from different cloud providers, It is crucial that tech leaders optimise their cloud management architectures to meet service reliability demands and still remain agile as their cloud footprint grows.

Masterclass Trainers will introduce guiding frameworks to help you operationalise and scale your cloud architecture, based on 5 key pillars of cloud operations:

  • Operations (system performance)
  • Network Management
  • App Development on Cloud
  • Security and Governance
  • Data Management.

Trainers will also recommend a variety of distributed cloud architecture design patterns most suited for different business use-cases and how to maximize ROI on Distributed Cloud.

This on-demand Masterclass offers 3 modules and 15 short lessons.

Module 1 - Introduction to Managing Multi-Cloud Deployments

Foundations of Cloud Modernisation

Architectural Considerations for Multi-Cloud

Leveraging on a Distributed Cloud Platform

Brief introduction to Deploying to Cloud using Design Patterns


Managing and Operating Distributed Cloud

Realizing Distributed Cloud

Industry Tech Panel Discussion

Module 2 - Deeper Dive into the 5 Pillars of Multi Cloud

Pillar 1 - Operations

Pillar 2 - Network

Pillar 3 - Development

Pillar 4 - Security & Governance

Pillar 5 - Data

Module 3 - Cloud Deployment Design Patterns

Part 1: Distributed Deployments

Part 2: Redundant Deployments

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