Distributed Cloud Masterclass



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Distributed Cloud Masterclass: Everything You Need to Know

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This Masterclass will introduce practical frameworks and discuss best practices, common mistakes and typical challenges around:

Cloud Data Management:

  • Embracing Distributed Cloud Services as the New Norm
  • Overview of cloud landscape in enterprises
  • Typical distributed cloud architectures
  • Tiered Hybrid / Partitioned / Edge Hybrid / Cloud Bursting / Environment Hybrid – distributed cloud leads to complexities for managing data

Current Challenges on distributed-cloud management and maximising ROI on Distributed Cloud:

  • Performance Management (Concept of Data Gravity)
  • Cost-performance Optimisation
  • Strengthening Security
  • Improving Redundancy

Introduction to Cloud Architecture Design Patterns:

  • Recap on IT Architecture
  • What are Cloud Deployment Design Patterns
  • Why use Design Patterns (and Types of Design Patterns)
  • Using Design Patterns with Data Management




Eugene Yeo
Senior Advisor, CIO Academy Asia,
Former CIO & COO, MyRepublic

Shahnawaz Backer
Senior Solutions Architect,



Eugene Yeo, Senior Advisor, CIO Academy Asia; Former CIO & COO, MyRepublic

Led and completed key cloud projects:

  • Established public cloud infra in 2011 for majority of enterprise workloads
  • Developed multiple open-stack private cloud data centres across the region in 2016 (Singapore, Indonesia & Australia)
  • Containerized production workloads with distribution across multiple public cloud providers and on-premise compute nodes using Openshift (Burst-Out architecture)
  • Drove CI/CD automation to enable better business agility Built out an ETL process to centralised data analytics and reporting, ingesting over 6TB of data a day.

Shahnawaz Backer, Senior Solutions Architect, F5

Shahnawaz Backer is a Senior Solutions Architect with F5. With keen interest in modern application security, digital identity, and multi-cloud security, he focuses on building security intelligence into solutions and firmly believes in automated proactive defense. He writes on IT security at f5labs.com and has co-authored a Redbook on access management deployment patterns.

Shahnawaz has over a decade of experience in Information Security, practicing in the Asia Pacific. He holds a Master of Science degree in Cybersecurity from University of West London along with multiple industry certifications like Certified Information Systems Security Professional Certification, Certified Cloud Security Professional.




Assistant Chief Executive (Industry),
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

Global Head - Technology Risk, Control &
Governance, ManpowerGroup



Technology practitioners with a keen interest in learning about cloud architecture, including profiles such as:

  • Chief Information and Technology Officers
  • Head of Infrastructure
  • Head of Cloud
  • Head of IT Operations
  • Systems and Solutions Architects
  • Software Engineers
  • DevOps Practitioners