Distributed Cloud: Laying the Foundation for Digital Transformation


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Distributed Cloud Masterclass

Want to learn what it really takes to create a truly modernised cloud infrastructure? Sign up for this masterclass-exclusively curated for IT teams-to provide guiding frameworks to help you operationalise and scale your cloud architecture.

Distributed Cloud Masterclass: Everything You Need to Know

The Course

This on-demand Masterclass offers 3 modules and 15 short lessons to give tech leaders an in-depth understanding of Cloud Architecture and how to maximise your Cloud investments for the digital world today. It covers five key pillars of cloud operations: Operations (system performance), Network Management, App Development on Cloud, Security and Governance and Data Management.

Why You Should Take the Course

As cloud modernisation gets more and more complex, IT teams need to dive deep and build a strong foundation to manage multi-cloud deployments and cloud deployment design patterns. Businesses need IT teams to upskill themselves in order to benefit from the advantages of the distributed cloud like accelerating digital transformation, gaining faster time to market, and creating a competitive advantage.

This Masterclass will:

  • Introduce practical frameworks around cloud data management
  • Discuss best practices, common mistakes, and typical challenges in cloud data management
  • Discuss ways of maximising ROI on distributed cloud models
  • Provide and introduction to cloud architecture design patterns