Protect Against Ransomware with AWS and F5


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Over the last two years, ransomware has exploded and continues to grow largely in part due to its success in compromising critical infrastructure, government, and the software supply chain. Part of this is that ransomware can consist of a wide range of attacks. Organizations therefore need to be prepared for many ransomware scenarios to successfully detect ransomware and enact defenses against it.

Rather than describing ransomware as an attack type, its more accurate to understand ransomware as an attack chain, which can include a wide range of attack vectors. Many of these attack vectors pass through an encrypted vector at some point in the attack chain—such as phishing, drive-by-downloads, and browser vulnerabilities, among others.

With BIG-IP SSL Orchestrator, gain visibility into these encrypted attack vectors to detect and take action to stop ransomware at any point in its attack chain. Deploy F5’ encrypted threat protection in the AWS cloud for a flexible, scalable SSL orchestration deployment that benefits from the constant hardware acceleration of an innovation-conscious cloud service provider.

In this overview you will learn how to:

Detect ransomware entering or traversing your network

Safeguard your applications and your network from encrypted threats entering through a wide range of attack vectors at layers 3 through 7.

Leverage SSL Orchestrator’s advanced traffic classification and action in the cloud

Chain security services together using SSL Orchestrator, leveraging the solution’s intelligent classification metrics to create focused, appropriate security service chains based on traffic and network conditions.

Scale your security deployments easily

Easily scale your security deployments without needing to upgrade your hardware when your capacity requirements increase.