Networking Infrastructure for Artificial Intelligence (AI)


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GenAI signifies the latest advancement towards integrating machine learning and AI into enterprise applications. This transition necessitates a comprehensive overhaul of the entire computing stack.

The shift to AI is accelerating the need for multicloud networking architectures that combine app layer and network layer functions to eliminate the complexity of traditional routed networks—while adding security, observability, and better performance to AI networks.

In this FUTURIOM Report, you will learn about the general requirements for AI Networking, market trends, and why the rise of hybrid multicloud environment is essential for AI networking.

By reading this paper, we believe you can learn more about:

Network requirements for AI implementation

Heightening network performance to accommodate the demanding AI process requires greater reliability and availability.

Networking Market Trend for AI

Latest networking technologies from several vendors to support AI implementation.

Networking for AI at the Edge

Distribution of AI applications across multicloud edges is rising. AI apps must sustain performance, consistency, and security.