REPORT Annual Industry Survey 2020

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The telecoms industry is still standing tall in 2020. Although 44% of telcos have been negatively impacted by COVID-19, two-thirds of the respondents believe the industry performed well in 2020 and 77% have a positive outlook for the industry in 2021.  This year’s survey report includes an overview of the telecoms landscape and a deep dive into five areas: 5G, Broadband, Digital Transformation, Intelligence at the Edge, and Security.

Key findings include:

  • 68% of respondents already deployed a virtualised 5G core or will do in the next 12 months
  • DNS services were the most attacked part of the network in the last 12 months
  • Video-based applications will continue to drive demand for broadband
  • Cloud applications and infrastructure are most difficult to defend
  • Cost is the biggest barrier on widescale adoption of edge computing