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Embracing Multicloud Networking Strategies with an Integrated Security Stack


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Multicloud networking–the new reality of cloud adoption–is likely to see an early inflection point in enterprise adoption during 2024, in IDC's view. Multicloud networking is an architectural interconnection of public cloud, specialized cloud, and on-premises platforms at the infrastructure network and application services layers.


  • 65.7% of large enterprises (with 10,000 or more employees) typically use 60–80 security tools due in part to the dedicated tools necessary to address specific needs across multiple cloud environments (IDC’s North American Vendors and Tools Consolidation Survey, December 2023).

In this IDC Spotlight, you will learn the customer challenges, its trends, and the solutions for multicloud deployment and its security along with IDC’s analysis.

IDC Spotlight, Embracing Integrated Security in a Multicloud Networking Strategy, Sponsored by F5, Doc. #US52060624, Publication Date (April 2024)

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By reading this paper, we believe you can learn more about:

Effects of Complexity in Multicloud Networking

Multicloud networking complexity drives inconsistent network policies and security levels

Defense-in-Depth Security Architecture

Unifying the app protection stack for comprehensive security is key to protecting apps in any environment

Incorporating APIs into Defense-in-Depth Security Architecture

End-to-end visibility gives you enhanced governance and control across clouds