3 Unorthodox Ways to Further Protect your Digital Accounts from Fraud

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Shape Security
Published May 07, 2020

Well, it is now World Password Day 2020, and not surprisingly passwords are still not dead. Since we will continue to live with passwords for the foreseeable future, here are some unorthodox tips on how to further protect your digital accounts from Account Takeover fraud.


Requirements: Password Manager, Custom email domain

The best way to protect your digital accounts is to never reuse the same password (as password reuse leads to Credential Stuffing attacks which leads to Account Takeover fraud). This recommendation can be taken a step further by never reusing the same Username.

In order to do this, you will need to register your own custom domain name. For example you may want to register something like “”. This will cost between $5-50/year depending on the domain and the Domain Registrar.

Now when you want to sign up for a new website you can use a custom and single-use username such as Make sure you save this unique username and password in your trusty Password Manager. For added convenience, you could also forward emails sent to * to your real email inbox.

ways to protect digital accounts

An additional bonus to this approach is you will be able to easily determine which website or organization has suffered a breach and has leaked your custom email address, or if that organization has sold your custom email address to

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