F5 Distributed Cloud Web App Scanning

Dynamically and continuously scan your external attack surface to uncover exposed web apps and APIs. Find and report vulnerabilities with automated penetration testing.

Crawl, Scan, and Test Your Web Apps Automatically

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Dynamic application security testing

Run automated tests on your web apps and APIs with Distributed Cloud Web App Scanning. Quickly and easily uncover vulnerabilities and learn how to secure your apps and APIs from attacks. Assess whether your apps are exposed to many of the risks identified by OWASP and obtain the necessary technical details to help you mitigate threats across your app portfolio.

Product Overview

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Comprehensive web app scanning and automated penetration testing

With Distributed Cloud Web App Scanning, organizations can continuously monitor the Internet, public repositories, exposed servers, and other sources to consolidate external-facing app services, data, and vulnerabilities. Conduct automated penetration tests, identify potential vulnerabilities, get evidence of issues, and receive remediation guidance to improve security and ensure compliance.

Scan and test all apps at scale without hardware and software to manage.

Run scans and test apps hosted across clouds including AWS, Azure, GCP, and more.

Run scans and test apps at data center and edge sites.

Core Capabilities

Discover apps and APIs across your domains and test them in-depth with a comprehensive, easy-to-use web app scanning tool.

Start in minutes without security experience.

Crawl, navigate, and scan any type of web app.

Full context including screenshots, videos, and technical detail.

Schedule daily, weekly, or monthly including threat notifications.

Work within CI/CD pipelines and task tracking tools

Findings that can be sent automatically to a preferred task tracker or via PDF

Scan public-facing, protected, and restricted apps

Generates reports that support compliance with SOC 2, ISO 27001, and more