Mobile App Security Suite

Prevent data breaches and meet compliance requirements for your mobile apps with the Mobile App Security Suite from Distributed Cloud Services.

App Security at Every Level

Protect your mobile apps from malware, bots, data leakage, unauthorized access, and man-in-the-middle attacks that results in compliance violations, financial loss, customer churn, and reputation harm. You get unmatched runtime and at rest protection that proactively hardens your mobile apps, prevents tampering (RASP), data exfiltration, and API abuse.

Multi-Layered Mobile App Security

Dynamic protection from runtime attacks, bad bots, and repacking that lowers security and compliance risk and increases security effectiveness.

Ease of Use and Fast Deployments

Fast time-to-value with low-code integration technology, customizable configuration, easy integration options and low management costs.

Meet Rigorous Compliance Standards

Meet privacy (CCPA & GDPR), payments (PCI, PSD2, & EMVCo SBMP), and healthcare (HIPAA) related compliance standards.

Stop Repackaging, Tampering, and Bad Bots

  1. Integrate shield and bot defense SDK seamlessly with low-code technology.
  2. Upload with in-app protection that works proactively in the background.
  3. Turn on protection against repackaging, runtime threats, and data exfiltration that starts when the app is executed.
  4. Integrate XC Bot Defense for proactive bad bot protection.


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