MRC's: Unifying Digital Experience in the Fight Against Online Fraud

May 19, 2021

Virtual event

In a hypercompetitive digital market, consumers have many choices at their fingertips. Often, the ability to quickly login, research and transact is a key competitive advantage and makes for content and loyal customers. For many brands, the tension between friction-free consumer experiences and application security can lead to compromises that directly impact business outcomes. At F5, we believe that security and user experience should no longer be mutually exclusive, and we have made it our mission to help businesses reduce authentication friction without undermining existing security and fraud postures.   

In this thought-provoking session, we will share best practices on combining AI and ML with some of the more traditional approaches to mitigating online fraud and highlight why extensive cross-industry collaboration can help organizations strike the optimal balance between security and usability. 

Key insights: 

  • Tangible Business Outcomes – increase online revenue without increasing fraud. 
  • Know your Customer - identify, understand, and optimize legitimate consumer behavior.
  • Security ≠ Friction - improve customer experience and conversion by eliminating login friction, bolstering brand reputation and loyalty.

Speaker: Saurabh Bajaj, Vice President Product, F5