F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager

Enable zero-trust access for all apps—legacy and modern—with highly scalable identity- and context-based access controls.

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Your users need secure, reliable access to their apps no matter where they choose to work. Discover best practices for driving advanced yet simplified secure remote access across all your organization’s apps—modern and legacy

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Whether from a public or private cloud, a mobile device, as a service, or on premises—applications can be located anywhere and accessed everywhere and that increases the threat surface.

F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM) secures, simplifies and centralizes access to apps, APIs and data, no matter where users and their apps are located.

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Identity aware proxy

Identity-aware proxy (IAP)

Deploys zero-trust model validation based on granular context, securing every app access request.

Identity federation & single sign-on (SSO)

Identity federation, MFA, and SSO

Federates identity, drives adaptive multi-factor authentication (supporting FIDO U2F and RADIUS protocols), and enables single sign-on to all apps.

Secure remote and mobile access

Secure remote and mobile access

Unifies identity for remote access via SSL VPN with a secure and adaptive per-app VPN.

Secure and managed web access

Centralizes authentication, authorization, and endpoint inspection via web app proxy. 

API Protection

API protection

Secures authentication for REST APIs, integrating OpenAPI (or Swagger) files. 

Offload and simplify authentication

Offload and simplify authentication

Employs SAML, OAuth and OIDC for a seamless and secure user experience across all apps.

security shield vpn

Dynamic split tunneling

Dynamically excludes Internet traffic from your VPN to conserve bandwidth.

Centrally manage and deploy

Central management and deployment

Integrates with F5 BIG-IQ Centralized Management to ease deployment and boost cost-efficiency at scale.    

Performance and scale

Performance and scalability

Supports up to 1M access sessions on one BIG-IP device and up to 2M on a single VIPRION chassis.


F5 partners with leading security, IT and infrastructure providers to support next-generation identity and access solutions.


Visual Policy Editor

Easily create, edit, and manage identity-aware, context-based policies—just click, pick, and move. See a holistic view of your policies and how they’re connected across the network.

Access Guided Configuration (AGC)

This step-by-step guide simplifies setup and deployment of BIG-IP APM, as well as onboarding custom or classic apps with Microsoft Azure AD

Configuration Utility

Import, compare, edit, and update granular access policies across multiple BIG-IP appliances.

security guided config manager diagram
BIG-IP APM’s Access Guided Configuration

Better together

F5 products and solutions work together to make sure your applications are always protected and work the way they should. See how you can extend the effectiveness of BIG-IP Access Policy Manager by combining it with the following products.

BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager

Accelerates the delivery of apps to any device with security, simplicity, and scale.

BIG-IQ Centralized Management

Provides enterprise visibility into app access and usage.  Centrally create, manage, and deploy access policies.

Advanced WAF

Ensures apps and data are protected, available, and accessed only by authorized users.

F5 SSL Orchestrator

Maximizes infrastructure investments, efficiencies, and security with dynamic, policy-based decryption, encryption, and traffic steering through multiple inspection devices.


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The gateway to Zero Trust

Identity Aware Proxy serves as the gateway to Zero Trust Architecture.

Secure access across apps via Azure AD

Easily configure secure access across all your applications.


F5 is a member of independent organizations whose charters mandate a range of security standards—ranging from best practices to vendor-neutral testing—all grounded in helping companies reduce the risk of a breach.


BIG-IP APM is available in all business models including perpetual licenses, subscription, public cloud marketplace, and ELAs.


Virtual editions support leading hypervisors and cloud platforms.


Motorists Insurance Group Gives Customers A Seamless Experience With F5 + Okta Solution


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