Technology Alliance


Dell Technologies and F5 Networks have partnered to resolve business technology challenges for more than 10 years. Dell Technologies helps their customers reach TCO and ROI goals with a complete range of solutions incorporating technology, services, and resources. Dell Technologies recommends F5 Networks, the global leader in Application Delivery Networking, as the technology of choice for their customers, helping increase business efficiency through the power of virtualization. F5's technology, a critical component of the Dell Technologies Enterprise solution portfolio, optimizes the network, server, and storage environments to ensure the highest levels of performance, security, and availability at the lowest possible cost. An investment in Dell Technologies and F5's technology will enable customers to optimize their current infrastructure and prepare them for future growth.

As the largest reseller of F5 solutions, Dell Technologies works with F5 to improve the purchase process of F5 products through Dell Technologies. F5 and Dell Technologies have developed customer testimonials, case studies, and benchmarks to assist customers. In addition, this technology alliance provides webinars to highlight how joint solutions address a variety of business challenges. Both Dell and F5 have strong partnerships with Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP and continue to invest in joint testing along with sales, support, and deployment of the total solution. F5 and Dell Technologies deliver best-in-class technologies for today's enterprise applications through Dell Technologies services, including the Dell Technologies Global Information Consulting Services (GICS) and the Dell Technologies Enterprise Reference Architectures (ERA).

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