F5 and HashiCorp Terraform, Vault, and Consul Integrations

Modernize your multi-cloud application delivery workflows for speed and agility.

Use Cases

To thrive in an era of multi-cloud architectures, Enterprise IT must evolve to deliver new business and customer value at speed. This means not only moving faster, but also:

  • Embracing both monolith and micro-service architectures.
  • Adopting tools that support ephemerality and distributed infrastructure.
  • Enabling self-service.

F5 can help. 



Automated Service Provisioning & Configuration

Modernize application delivery workflows for speed.


Consistent, Cloud-Agnostic Security & Performance

Validate solutions for consistency across on-premises and public cloud deployments.


Performance & Security Policy Integration

Integrate infrastructure and configurations as code into  CI/CD Pipelines.


Ingress Proxy and Gateway Termination

Manage ingress into Kubernetes containers. 

Why F5 and HashiCorp

In today’s cloud operating model, application workloads are distributed and constantly adapting to meet user demands. These adaptive applications need consistent network and security services, which you can provision dynamically across any environment.

F5 and HashiCorp work together on solutions that  enable you to automate and manage cloud-independent, dynamic application workloads and infrastructure. By using our validated joint solutions, you’ll be able to:

  • Increase collaboration across silos.
  • Reduce manual tickets and speed up application delivery.
  • Autoscale application workloads.
  • Create network and security configurations once and use them consistently across cloud and data center.

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Adaptive Apps

Automate and Simplify Multi-Cloud Complexity with F5 and HashiCorp

Unlock the full potential of the cloud with cloud-agnostic application services and tooling.

F5 and HashiCorp: Top customer outcomes

Automated Service Provisioning & Configuration

BIG-IP automation with Terraform and Consul

Modernize traditional application delivery workflows for speed, integrate infrastructure and configurations into CI/CD pipelines using Terraform provider, and rapidly provision and scale BIG-IP infrastructure and configurations with code. Also automate Day N operations using Service Discovery.

BIG-IP Provisioning with Terraform

Use Terraform BIG-IP modules for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud to provision BIG-IP Infrastructure as part of your CI/CD workflows.

Download Terraform modules › 

BIG-IP Configuration Management with Terraform Provider

Use the Terraform provider for F5 BIG-IP to automate cloud-independent network and security configurations for your applications.

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Consul Service Discovery for BIG-IP

This zero-touch application delivery solution enables self-service by auto-discovering Consul-monitored application workloads running anywhere and automatically populating the AS3 pool member list.

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NGINX Ingress Proxy and BIG-IP Terminating Gateways

Manage ingress and egress for Kubernetes containers

NGINX Plus and F5 Cloud Services provide true lightweight, easy-to-deploy network and security (WAF) services in your Consul and Vault ecosystem. BIG-IP can act as the terminating gateway to securely connect with your traditional applications. 

NGINX Plus and Consul

In Consul-monitored workloads, NGINX Plus’s dynamic load balancing and API protection can help optimize cost in public cloud and on-premises environments.

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BIG-IP Terminating Gateway Egress with Consul

In Consul environments, BIG-IP can help connect mesh-based services to non-mesh services and secure traffic using TLS (Transport Layer Security) across on-premises and cloud environments.

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Financial Services—Improve Your Defenses on Microsoft Azure

Learn about securing your applications and APIs globally using NGINX App Protect and HashiCorp Vault on Microsoft Azure.




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