The BIG-IP you know and trust, modernized and optimized to simplify operations, enhance performance, and strengthen security.

Why Transition to BIG-IP Next?


Guaranteed performance, scalability, and resiliency

BIG-IP Next’s modern, highly scalable software architecture is designed for maximum resiliency to support vast, dynamic application portfolios and their most complex traffic management and security policies, ensuring that applications are always available to end users.

  • Superior Control Plane Efficiency and Scale Support vast, dynamic application portfolios and their most complex configurations by leveraging a superior control plane built for maximum resiliency.
  • Industry-Leading Data Plane Performance Rely on unparalleled scale and performance to guarantee optimal user experiences.
  • Seamless Global App Resiliency Effortlessly implement Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) within any multi-site app deployment, providing maximum redundancy with minimal effort.


Enhanced security and reduced business risk

Keep pace with evolving cyberthreats and implement new protective measures faster to keep your apps and network secure.

  • Rapid Security Updates Maintain a cutting-edge security posture with accelerated security feature releases and software patches.
  • Configuration Versioning Easily rollback to known healthy configuration states to avoid downtime following unexpected configuration errors.
  • Security-Centric Software Development Rest assured that security continues to be at the forefront of every BIG-IP Next development and engineering decision, lowering vulnerability count and improving software security.

Product Overview



BIG-IP Next and BIG-IP Next Central Manager

BIG-IP Next consists of two integral components—BIG-IP Next instances and the BIG-IP Next Central Manager—and offers the most comprehensive application security and traffic management solution for apps spanning on-premises and multi-cloud architectures. BIG-IP Next instances are deployed close to your apps for processing and securing user traffic, while BIG-IP Next Central Manager provides a single point of control.

A highly performant and scalable data plane responsible for delivering and securing your application traffic on-premises, within colocation facilities, in the cloud, or at the edge.

A centralized console capable of comprehensively managing, automating, and monitoring numerous BIG-IP Next instances deployed wherever your apps are.



Streamline migrations from BIG-IP TMOS to BIG-IP Next

Effortlessly transition to BIG-IP Next using the BIG-IP Next Central Manager Migration Service, which enables you to easily modify existing BIG-IP TMOS application configurations for compatibility with BIG-IP Next software.

Core Capabilities

BIG-IP Next carries forward over 25 years of secure application delivery expertise, affording the same comprehensive suite of app services ranging from local and global server load balancing to web application firewall protection, access management, and much more.   

Next-gen, automatable, and scalable app delivery services for core, cloud, and edge workloads.

Mitigate cutting-edge web app and API threats with more frequent security updates, enhanced SecOps operational efficiency, and WAF deployment speed.

Shift left with access-as-code, making it far easier and faster to ensure secure access to every app, no matter where they’re deployed.

Simplify and modernize encrypted threat protection with an API-first approach that optimizes encrypted traffic visibility and orchestration services.

BIG-IP Next will deliver  replacements for all existing BIG-IP product modules including DNS, AFM, CGNAT, and PEM.

Platform Support and Integrations

F5 systems support

Deploy BIG-IP Next on F5 next-generation systems, providing a highly scalable, fully automatable platform for hosting F5 BIG-IP Next software. 

Public cloud support

Make your cloud transition less daunting by reusing the application services you know and trust in public clouds, and that are best suited to your apps. BIG-IP Next Virtual Edition (VE) delivers advanced, performant, and consistent application services wherever your mission-critical apps are deployed. 

Private cloud support

Shift from hardware to software within the sanctuary of your own private cloud while maintaining application security and availability with BIG-IP Next Virtual Edition. (VE).