NGINX Unit: From Zero to Lift Off

Learn about NGINX Unit in this tutorial. Whether you know a lot or a little, you will learn more about NGINX's dynamic, open source application server.

NGINX developers demo how to build, deploy, and manage application using NGINX Unit. NGINX Unit is unique among app servers in that you can configure and update multiple version of an app and even apps written in different languages, simultaneously, and without a restart! We think that alone is a great reason to learn this new tech, but there's an even more exciting one: getting to know NGINX Unit now gives you a running head start in our NGINX For Good hackathon, taking place September 14--17. The winning project will be funded and hosted by NGINX for six months!

  1. What NGINX Unit is, and why we created a new app server
  2. How to get NGINX Unit and deploy it in various environments including containers
  3. About using NGINX Unit to update and manage applications written in many languages including Ruby, PHP, Python, Perl, Go and JavaScript.
  4. How to use the examples published on Github for continued learning.

Presenters: Timo Stark and Valentin Bartenev

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