Securing REST APIs with F5 NGINX

F5 NGINX helps organizations reduce complexity, improve productivity, and automate security for their APIs. With F5 NGINX Management Suite API Connectivity Manager, you can manage, monitor, govern, and secure APIs across multi-cloud and hybrid environments from a single pane of glass. Use F5 NGINX Plus as an API Gateway to authenticate API calls, route requests to the appropriate backend service, apply rate limits to mitigate DDoS attacks, offload SSL/TLS traffic to improve performance, and handle errors and exceptions. You can then make your APIs discoverable using a developer portal and access real-time metrics to monitor and secure your API landscape.

This API security solution provides Platform Ops teams with global visibility and control for securing your API platform and empowers developer teams to publish and manage their APIs with the agility and autonomy they need. Learn how NGINX Management Suite API Connectivity Manager allows you to deliver APIs using a NGINX Plus API gateway in a Kubernetes environment combined with F5 NGINX App Protect WAF and DoS to secure REST APIs.

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