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Netherlands: Installation Provider

Belgium: Installation Provider, Application Security Provider, Advanced Implementation Provider, and Advanced Security Provider

Your application delivery network must promote innovation, but not at the expense of stability, security, or performance. And it has to work together with other systems and solutions in your environment which sometimes can be a challenge.

SecureLink combines first-class system integration competence with F5's top solutions for application delivery and security technology. Focus on your core business and rely on the solution that provides your organization with high performance and productivity.

  • SecureLink has the highest number of certified technicians in the markets where F5 is present. This gives you the best guarantee for a successful design and implementation.
  • SecureLink has a manned 24/7 support organization that can assist the customers in case of stability issues or breakdown of services.
  • SecureLink has a 24/7 operation which means that they can operate the solution and equipment for the customer.

Application Delivery

The very essence of application delivery is load balancing. Over time, load balancing has evolved and expanded with a range of security, performance and management services. That evolution makes SecureLink the market leader in unmatched secure application availability, anywhere, anytime, and from any device.


It is SecureLink's mission to protect the sensitive data and the intellectual property of businesses while maximizing end-user productivity and minimizing application downtime. Application-focused access and identity services are crucial if you want excellent application security with overall access for all users.

Cloud Computing

Designing a private cloud? Deploying applications to a hybrid environment? Moving to Software as a Service (SaaS)? Migrating and re-architecting existing apps to a public cloud IaaS provider? Or trying to ensure business continuity? An application centric strategy allows you to confidently deploy applications in the cloud. SecureLink consistently provides critical application delivery services throughout the data center, private cloud or public cloud, and on top of that, hybrid users experience the expected performance and availability.

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F5's GUARDIAN Professional Services Program provides us with access to early training and best practice resources we need to help our customers fully leverage all of the capabilities afforded by F5 technology.