Financial Services Symposium

Financial Services Industry Challenges for 2022 and Beyond

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Financial services industry faces a future of uncertainty and change. That includes managing a balancing act between ongoing innovation to deliver frictionless digital experiences that customers demand, navigating an evolving compliance and regulatory environment, and keeping relentless attackers and fraudsters at bay.

But with the right tools and guidance, you can plan a successful future for your organization.

Listen as fellow industry leaders and security experts from WWT and F5 discuss the biggest trends and problem-solving strategies in financial services tech and security for 2022 and beyond.

Tap into expert knowledge with sessions addressing these topics:

  • Building a strong, future-oriented digital foundation in financial services

  • Competing with fintech in the digital age

  • Keeping your organization safe from sophisticated attacks

  • Staying resilient—and compliant—in a rapidly shifting landscape

  • Meeting the security challenges of open banking



Balancing App Innovation and Cybersecurity in Financial Services
Led by: Ray Pompon, F5,  Dana Callear, WWT, & Paul Kauralt, MCG Health

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Attacks targeting banking and financial services are growing increasingly sophisticated. Bad actors now exploit new vulnerabilities associated with innovative apps aimed to improve customer convenience. In fact, only 43% of consumers believe companies are doing enough to protect their personal information. But financial services institutions can balance customer convenience with evolving cybersecurity threats—we’ll discuss how in this panel.

Preventing Sophisticated Fraud Attacks in Financial Services
Led by: Corey Marshall, F5, Clint Huffaker, WWT & Jordan Hager, Q2

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For financial services institutions, keeping gross fraud loss in check isn’t a choice—it’s a business imperative. With the proliferation of apps that have adopted anti-bot technologies, attackers are finding it difficult to identify soft targets, especially in banking. Instead of expending resources in an attempt to circumvent anti-automation technologies, fraudsters are pivoting and attacking unprotected alternative channels that become the stepping stone to the ultimate goal: your customer accounts. Get business-critical prevention insights in this panel.

Hitting New Curveballs as Compliance Changes
Led by: Rick Jorolemon, F5, Lamar Hawkins, WWT & Stephane Matis, Red Hat

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Maintaining compliance has never been easy—or cheap—but banks have always known what they need to do. Financial institutions made plans and chugged along, but in this new era those old plans aren't so useful anymore. If your staff dress code is more pajama casual now, find out how to keep a similar lax approach from spilling into your cybersecurity efforts.

Competing With Fintechs in an Era of Digital Transformation
Led by: Gee Chow, F5 & Piyush Gupta, WWT

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Banking and financial services organizations aren’t keeping up with customer and employee demands for positive, frictionless digital experiences—accelerated by fintech innovations and COVID. And it’s leading to lost market share and a negative impact on their bottomline. Join us to find outhow to best innovate, with or without fintechs, to meet your customer digital experience expectations.

Open Banking: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities
Led by: Roy Muermann, F5 & Matt Berry, WWT

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Open banking can change the game for financial services and empowe raccount holders like never before. Customers demand transparency and access to their data for third-party providers, but the absence of open banking regulations in the U.S. causes some to question the seriousness of the movement.

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