Champion Intersectionality and Equality This June

Pride Month

June is Pride Month!

In June of 1969, the inequalities and injustices faced by the LGBTQIA+ community vaulted into public consciousness with the Stonewall uprising. At the time, police raids on gay bars were common, but a raid of the Stonewall Inn—one of the few safe spaces for the most marginalized people, including transgender people, sex workers, and young, homeless members of the queer community—erupted into days of protests. It is because of the activism of the LGBTQIA+ community at the Stonewall uprising that Pride month is celebrated in June. BIPOC, women, and transgender people played key roles in the uprising, and to honor those contributions, Pride must include a recognition of intersectionality and the unique injustices faced by individuals who belong in multiple marginalized groups. At F5, we are committed to doing the right thing; that means creating safe spaces for the voices that are most likely to go unheard.

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Amplify the voices of Black Americans in celebration of Juneteenth

On June 19, 1865, Union Army general Gordon Granger proclaimed freedom from slavery in Texas. Although the anniversary of that day is now celebrated as Juneteenth, commemorating the emancipation of the people who had been enslaved in the U.S., it wasn’t until the ratification of the 13th amendment to the Constitution that slavery was abolished nationwide. The two and a half years between Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and General Granger’s announcement, and the 6 months that passed between that announcement and the ratification of the thirteenth amendment are emblematic of the ongoing need for us to identify and eliminate inequality and bias, and to amplify the voices of BIPOC in our communities. The F5 community is delighted to celebrate freedom and equality this Juneteenth!

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International Women in Engineering Day

Honoring the Perseverance of Women in Engineering

Each year, on June 23rd, we honor the contributions that women make to the engineering field throughout the year. In 2021, it is more important than ever to acknowledge and support the contributions of women in STEM. In recognition of the fact that pandemic-related changes to the way we work have had an adverse impact on women in particular, we at F5 are committed to improving representation of women in STEM. We honor the work of women, including the #EngineeringHeroes within F5 and beyond.

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Our mission: Together, we actively build a culture where everyone feels they can be themselves and reach their full potential.

We know the magic ingredient is our differences, when embraced with humility and respect. And because we know this, we believe that top talent is found in a diversity of individual backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.



Diversity and inclusion is one of the five behaviors that shape our culture.


We help people thrive—professionally and personally.


We foster community both internally and externally.


BeF5 is made up of five core behaviors that define how we express our culture in the day-to-day.

Our differences—when embraced with humility and respect—drive smarter decisions, increased innovation, stronger performance, and a culture where everyone can be themselves.

In other words, we talk the talk and walk the walk. And, to help make sure of that, we offer a mix of online and in-person diversity and inclusion awareness opportunities and experiences to meet employees, teams, and leaders where they’re at.


It’s what we do.

Hiring people with diverse backgrounds experiences isn’t just that right thing to do. It’s also the smart thing to do. It helps us create better products and services, make better decisions, and better serve our customers.

We’ve expanded our outreach and involvement with organizations to increase our ability to attract highly qualified candidates from under-represented backgrounds. We’re also expanding diversity sourcing by including more online resources and strategic community partnerships.

We offer consistent support and resources to help people grow—professionally and personally. We help people expand their skillsets—including their capabilities to build inclusive team environments where everyone is seen, heard, and valued. F5 is a place where everyone is welcome and has the opportunity to succeed.

"AT F5, WE VALUE EACH other…

…We acknowledge and build on the contributions and strengths of others. We support each other by putting the human first. We show up as real, vulnerable, transparent human beings who speak from the heart and willingly invest our time to help each other grow.”

François Locoh-Donou
President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director


Employee Inclusion Groups (EIGs) bring people together across F5 worldwide. These groups each have executive and company backing, and they play a pivotal role in building and fostering internal networks and community. Our EIGs are inclusive—allies are welcome.

F5 Ability

F5 Ability

The F5 Ability EIG creates a more inclusive F5 by including those who have visible and invisible differences in their abilities. We strive to support and attract a more diverse workforce and community by building and learning from each other.


F5 Appreciates Blackness | FAB

We create and maintain an environment respectful of diverse traditions and experiences. We’re committed to sharing the culture and background of all people of African descent.

F5 Connects Women

F5 Connects Women

We’re focused on uniting F5 employees around the world to support the equality and advancement of women.

F5 Latinx e Hispanos Unidos

F5 Latinx e Hispanos Unidos

We work to grow the Latinx and Hispanic presence at F5 through support and outreach. We seek to enrich teams with a more diverse mindset.

F5 Military Veterans

F5 Military Veterans

We strive to actively promote, recruit, and support military veterans and families via programs of recognition, assistance, and outreach.

F5 Multicultural

F5 Multicultural

We’re committed to attracting and developing a more diverse workforce. We emphasize mentoring and networking opportunities for multicultural communities.

F5 Pride

F5 Pride

We’re the EIG for LGBTQ+ employees. We’re focused on building community and understanding at F5.

Our guiding principle, “First and foremost, we do the right thing—for each other, our customers, our shareholders, our community, and the world,” informs how we reach out to our communities.

F5 Global Good

F5 is committed to being a force for social good.

This passion for giving back has been at the heart of the company since its inception. And now we’re doing even more.

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