Adaptive Applications

F5 enables organizations to secure and deliver extraordinary digital experiences through adaptive applications that grow, shrink, defend, and heal themselves.

What Are Adaptive Applications?

We see a world where each of your applications continuously adapts to its changing environment.

  • It automates redundant processes for greater efficiencies. 
  • It expands and contracts based on performance needs. 
  • It protects itself, securing points of vulnerability. 
  • And by mining all these data points, it gets smarter, insightful, becomes self-healing, and evolves even more quickly. 

In our vision, your applications learn to take care of themselves—leaving you free to focus on delivering extraordinary digital experiences that inspire customers, keep them safe, and increase loyalty.


Why Adaptive Applications Matter

Everyone in your organization wants to provide value to customers and partners. But delivering those personalized experiences can be very challenging for a number of reasons.

Complex app portfolios
Many organizations are stuck between the old world and the new—classic monolithic and three-tier architectures alongside microservices and cloud-native architectures. Manually stitching together solutions increases costs and isn’t fast or scalable.

Evolving security threats
Applications have become the focal point for cybercriminals, costing businesses more than $100 billion a year and disrupting the customer experience. Plus, the threat surface area is rapidly expanding as applications are disaggregated into composite services and distributed to different environments.

Lack of visibility
Gaining insight into how application traffic is flowing requires granular, end-to-end visibility—but the infrastructure and services supporting your applications are complex and siloed—which means that rich telemetry is trapped in silos, limiting insights into app performance and the end user’s digital experience.

F5 can help you secure and deliver extraordinary digital experiences by simplifying traditional application delivery, enabling modern app delivery at scale, securing every application wherever it’s deployed, and using data to unlock the value of insights and automation.


The New World of Adaptive Applications

F5 is fundamentally changing the way applications are secured and delivered—again—and ultimately helping customers deliver the differentiated digital experiences that have become so important for every organization.

See what GM Kara Sprague has to say about this new world of adaptive applications.

F5 Brings Adaptive Applications to Life

F5’s automation, security, performance, and insight solutions enable adaptive applications that allow our customers to focus on their core business, boost speed to market, improve operations, and build trust with their customers.


Deliver Extraordinary Digital Experiences Every Time

Provide the highly differentiated, highly performing digital experiences your customers and users expect through an unparalleled suite of performance and availability services, including API management, application acceleration, application performance monitoring, load balancing, DDoS protection, container ingress, and disaster recovery.

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Protect Against Bots and Human Fraudsters

Defend your organization against existing and emergent threats by deploying comprehensive security solutions that protect critical applications from bot attacks, web fraud, unauthorized access, DDoS attacks, DNS attacks, and attacks against APIs. Ensure policy compliance across your entire application portfolio—no matter how your apps are built or where they are deployed.

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Get Your Apps to Market Faster—and Safer

Streamline and accelerate your application development, delivery, and deployment process through automation and management solutions that include CI/CD integration, service configuration and provisioning, and multi-cloud management.

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Discover Insights from Application Data

Deliver better customer experiences by ensuring end-to-end visibility into your application portfolio—no matter where those applications are deployed. Improve the efficiency of troubleshooting, harness application-specific insights, and use the power of data to help you make better business decisions.

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