On-Demand | Microsoft & F5 NGINX for a Roundtable Discussion

Securing Kubernetes in Azure with AKS & F5 NGINX


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As the industry continues to “shift left” when it comes to security, having security running at more levels of your infrastructure is increasingly important. In this discussion, the Microsoft and F5 NGINX teams will talk about how you can improve your security posture by leveraging NGINX Plus Ingress Controller and App Protect in your AKS environment.

In this Roundtable, Damian and David will discuss the following:

  • How to better secure your Azure AKS clusters with NGINX Plus Ingress Controller and NGINX App Protect WAF & DoS
  • Leverage NGINX Plus Ingress Controller Open ID Connect (OIDC) / JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for authentication in AKS
  • Improve resiliency and scalability in AKS and support self-service (RBAC) with NGINX Plus Ingress Controller

Security is essential in your infrastructure and your home – and we’d like to help with both. All attendees will be entered into a drawing for a Moorebot scout, a tiny AI-powered mobile robot for home monitoring.



Damian Curry
NGINX Community and Alliances Technical Director, F5


David Peterson
Azure Application Innovation Specialist, Microsoft



Jeff Bellamy
Sr Dir, NGINX Community & Alliances, F5