F5 Curve of Convenience 2020 Report:
The Privacy-Convenience Paradox

As Asia Pacific edges towards becoming a digital-first economy, organizations across the region are realizing that applications are fast becoming their most business valuable asset. Yet, at a time when both the private and public sectors are redefining what a good user experience means in today’s world, consumer trust continues to wane as cyberattacks and data breaches rattle the world. The Curve of Convenience study, created in collaboration with Kantar, examines a spectrum of consumer attitudes and behaviors across privacy and convenience, and delves into the medium- to long-term implications given current global events for organizations.

Frictionless experience on apps triumphs security

While Asia Pacific consumers consider security as the most important feature in an application, more than nine in 10 (96 percent) consumers say they would choose convenience and frictionless or seamless application user experiences over security. In fact, 43 percent of Asia Pacific consumers expect businesses to protect their data, while another 32 percent believe the onus lies with governments.

While consumers have chosen to cede responsibility for the digital safety to brands and the government, it is critical that organizations continue to educate and partner with users about the consequences of choices they make when they choose to trade data or privacy to gain more seamless experiences.

Read the full report and learn more on how organization can utilize next-level technology solutions to implement robust security postures while also delivering the frictionless experiences that consumers have come to expect.

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New F5 research reveals three in four consumers say they are not responsible for their own data security


“That’s not my problem” – A view into consumers’ data privacy and security behavior in Asia Pacific

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