Join us virtually for ASEAN Customer Engagement Summit 2020

Thursday, 18 June, 2020 | Keynotes, Breakouts

Live Streaming:

9:00 AM – 11:00 AM WIB/ICT
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM SGT

Join industry-leading experts in multi-cloud application and gain insights on developing and delivering a modern apps architecture leveraging APIs, DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering and Microservices. 

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Applications are the most valuable assets of any organization in the digital age, and form the foundation of our strategy to become the leader in multi-cloud application services.

At F5, code is at the center of our technology vision, and we believe that it keeps us connected in the digital age and drives innovation. Code disrupts industries. And the success of digital transformation initiatives depend on modernizing legacy app architectures so that they provide visibility and security into code-to-customer pathways.

At the two-hour live virtual summit, we are bringing together experts from across the application path and will focus on Cloud, Automation & Microservices and Security.

You will gain insights into:

  • How to secure applications built in a multi-cloud, microservices architecture.
  • How to simplify and secure application development and ensure continuous integration and continuous delivery.
  • The criticality of SRE principles.
  • How to lower the cost and complexity across the entire application lifecycle, from development to delivery to customers.
  • How DevOps, SecOps and NetOps can collaborate more efficiently in a microservices environment to improve time-to-market.
  • The combined benefits of F5, NGINX, and Shape along the Code to Customer path.


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Agenda at a Glance


10.00 AM – 10.30 AM 9.00 AM – 9.30 AM
Code to Customer: F5’s Unified Architecture Vision Code to Customer: F5’s Unified Architecture Vision
Geng Lin, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, F5

The more applications are driving your organization’s performance, the more critical it becomes to automate and unlock those applications’ insights at scale. In this keynote, Geng Lin—F5’s Chief Technology Officer—will share F5’s unified architecture vision, in which applications are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver actionable business value.
10.30 AM – 11.00 AM 9.30 AM – 10.00 AM
Simplifying DevSecOps: Automation, Orchestration and Pipelining Simplifying DevSecOps: Automation, Orchestration and Pipelining
Hitesh Patel, Senior Director, Product Management – Automation, Orchestration & Ecosystems, F5
Sophisticated Cyber Attacks and Trends In Online FraudSophisticated Cyber Attacks and Trends In Online Fraud
Jarrod Overson, Director of Engineering, Shape Security

Every day there is a cat and mouse game security professional play with attackers trying to make an illicit profit at your company’s or your customers’ expense. Understanding where we have come from can give you clues and ideas about what attackers will do next and how to be one step ahead of the pack.
In this session, you will learn about the evolution and economics of credential stuffing and how to make yourself a hard target that is just worth the effort.
11.00 AM – 11.30 AM 10.00 AM – 10.30 AM
Observability and Security for your Microservices with Service Mesh Observability and Security in Microservices Environment enabling Service Mesh
Randy Almond, Director of Market Development, Aspen Mesh
Shawn Wormke, Vice President and General Manager, Aspen Mesh

While Kubernetes solves most of the build and deploy challenges that come with containers, it does not address critical runtime challenges around security, observability and control. This is where service mesh comes in.
In this session, you'll learn how F5's Aspen Mesh is building on top of Istio to help large enterprises and service providers better secure, understand, and manage their production Kubernetes environments.
Securing Applications with NGINX and F5 Securing Applications with NGINX and F5
Chris Witeck, Director of Product Management, NGINX
Daphne Won, Principal Product Manager, NGINX

As applications become more distributed, the attack surface is increasing. Organizations often have to make tradeoffs between releasing software quickly and ensuring security compliance. The impact to an organization’s reputation if a critical application is breached can be severe. In this session, we discuss how F5 and NGINX are bringing best-of-breed technologies together to ensure that application security is woven into every part of the application infrastructure.
11.30 AM – 12.00 PM 10.30 AM – 11.00 AM
Modernize Your App’s Lifecycle with CI/CD Pipeline Modernize Your App’s Lifecycle with CI/CD Pipeline
Kevin Jones, Global Solution Architect, NGINX

Today, many industries are working to achieve digital transformation and one of the pathways to success is with the adoption of a microservices based application architecture. This can be a difficult road to navigate and there are many concerns when making huge changes to your deployment tools and infrastructure design. In this presentation we will show how some of the largest name brands in technology are using powerful and robust tools, such as NGINX, Git and Jenkins, to build a reliable and scaleable modern application platform.
How to Manage Risks in the Cloud How to Manage Risks in the Cloud
Peter Silva, Senior Solution Developer – DevCentral, F5
Peter Hoffmeister, Global Senior Director, Public Cloud Solution Architect, F5
Tim Wagner, Principal Cloud Evangelist and Technical Advisor, F5

Cloud allows organizations to offload many responsibilities to third-party providers, but mitigating the risk to your applications isn’t one of them. In fact, the use of cloud and other third-party resources is rapidly expanding your attack surface, while reducing visibility and control over applications and data. In this session, attendees will learn how you protect your applications hosted in the cloud.

Who Should Attend ASEAN Customer Engagement Summit


Learn how modern application architecture, from development to delivery, powers the digital transformation your business needs today. Gain insight to advancing your organization's cloud and app strategies for the future with speed, security, and agility.


Speed up app development and deployment cycles without getting tied down to a particular environment or tool set. Gain insight how to build architectures to support DevOps, Agile, APIs, cloud, microservices, SRE and more.


Stay one step ahead by discovering application security measures that integrate into the app delivery pipeline, rather than disrupt it.


Gain the insight you need to improve infrastructure stability, increase automation, and optimize performance at scale.  

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Geng Lin
Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, F5
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He is responsible for leading technology strategy, product evolution, and critical innovations for the company.

Geng joined F5 in 2019 from J.P. Morgan Chase, where he was Managing Director, Chief Development Officer and Head of Engineering for consumer and community banking. Prior to JPMC, Geng worked at Google as CTO of Corporate Networks and later as Head of Service Engineering for Next Billion Users. Previously, he served as CTO of Networking Group at Dell and CTO of IBM Alliance at Cisco Systems. He was also an appointed Fellow at Dell and Distinguished Engineer at JPMC.

Geng is an industry-leading expert in distributed systems, software defined infrastructure, and cloud services. He is a contributing author of two books on cloud and data-intensive computing. He has published many technical papers and holds nine U.S. patents.

Geng received B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Computer Science from Peking University and a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from University of British Columbia.


Hitesh Patel
Senior Director, Product Management – Automation, Orchestration & Ecosystems, F5
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Senior Director, Product Management - Automation, Orchestration & Ecosystems Hard at work creating awesome products for the #devops, #netops and #secops worlds. Co-creator of the #supernetops program; enabling #netops with #automation, #code and #devops skills and methodology.

Randy Almond
Director of Market Development,
Aspen Mesh
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Randy leads market development for Aspen Mesh. He's drawn to the intersection of people and technology and loves the thrill of building something from scratch. In the course of his career, he's worked in product and marketing at a range of companies — big and small — from Twitter and Accenture to LambdaNet and Gnip. When he's not talking to companies about the security and observability of their microservices, you'll find him skiing or playing soccer with his kids.

Shawn Wormke
Vice President and General Manager,
Aspen Mesh
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Shawn Wormke leads Aspen Mesh, an F5 incubation project, that is focused on delivering a next generation service mesh for container and microservice architectures. Shawn is an entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in application networking and security. He is passionate about making products that enable DevOps workflows and make teams efficient and successful in their cloud and container journey. Joining F5 Networks through the acquisition of LineRate Systems in 2013, Shawn led the Ecosystems Organization where he became an advocate for open source. Under his leadership, F5 delivered supported open source solutions for OpenStack, Kubernetes, Mesos, Red Hat OpenShift and Cloud Foundry. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Application Communication and Security Initiative foundation.

Kevin Jones
Global Solution Architect,
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Kevin Jones is a Global Solution Architect at F5 Networks where he specializes in application delivery, routing, monitoring, and load balancing. Kevin has passion for technology and art. He previously worked as a Site Reliability Engineer and Production Manager for and most recently as a Technical Solutions Architect and Product Specialist for NGINX.


Jarrod Overson

Director of Engineering,
Shape Security
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Jarrod Overson is a Director of Engineering at Shape Security where he led the development of Shape’s Enterprise Defense products. Jarrod has been outspoken in the field of modern web threats and has been instrumental in the progression of defenses against automated threats like credential stuffing. He’s the creator of Plato, a JavaScript static analysis tool, author of O’Reilly’s Developing Web Components, and a frequent speaker, writer, and trainer.

Prior to Shape Security, Jarrod was a consultant working with companies including Best Buy, Walmart, and Riot Games where he helped teams migrate legacy applications into high-performance HTML5 web applications.

Peter Silva
Senior Solution Developer – DevCentral,
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Part of the F5 DevCentral Team, Peter is a technical writer, evangelist, speaker, video host, storyteller and overall clever guy for F5. Bringing the slightly theatrical and fairly technical together, he enjoys digging into how technology impacts society and people. On top of it, he has also been in such plays as The Glass Menagerie, All’s Well That Ends Well, Cinderella and others. Happy to celebrate 16 years with F5 this month (May 2020)!

Chris Witeck
Director of Product Management,
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He is working to define the optimal customer experience for F5's next generation ADC platform.

Prior to joining f5, Chris was a principal technology strategist at Citrix, where he worked to research and cultivate new technologies that extended the value of Citrix solutions. His specific focus was the Internet of Things (IoT), and engaging with customers to build IoT enabled product protypes that gathered contextual information that improved and personalized the delivery of Citrix Workspaces.

Tim Wagner
Principal Cloud Evangelist and Technical Advisor, F5
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Tim Wagner is F5’s Principal Cloud Evangelist and Technical Advisor and is responsible for educating and advising customers and partners on F5 cloud initiatives. With a deep understanding of market and technology trends and enterprise infrastructure best practices, he works with F5 product leaders and cloud alliance partners to create joint solutions and product integrations that enable F5’s customers to architect high performance, future-forward environments that drive growth and competitive advantage.

Tim has been with F5 for over 8 years and has held various roles within the organization. Prior to his current role, he has served as sales engineer for major accounts, sales engineering manager, security specialist, and director of cloud solutions for the Americas.

Prior to joining F5, Tim spent 10 years at Managed Services Provider Deutsche Telekom/T-Systems, helping customers design and manage complex global network and security infrastructures. Tim has had the pleasure of working directly with many multi-national enterprise organizations, such as Heineken, British Petroleum (BP), Shell and Aldi. Early in his career, Tim served as desktop support specialist, network engineer, security engineer and technical operations manager. Tim’s unique combination of deep technical expertise and global leadership experience enable him to successfully advise business and IT leaders and drive continuous innovation for F5.

Daphne Won

Principal Product Manager,
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Daphne Won is the current Principal Product Manager for the NGINX Controller App Security Module and strategy of app protection solutions across NGINX products.  She’s been at F5 for almost 7 years now product managing various Security related products.   She wants to hear and discuss with customers about challenges around securing applications and data and together identify ways to help protect the ever changing world of applications and technology.

Peter Hoffmeister

Global Senior Director,
Public Cloud Solution Architect, F5
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Peter is F5’s Global Senior Director, Public Cloud Solution Architects and is responsible for the technical relationships with F5’s cloud provider partners and their associated ecosystems. His team works with these partners to increase adoption of F5 cloud services through technical integration, field enablement and driving joint strategic initiatives.

Prior to F5, Peter spent 12 years at Microsoft where he led a range of technical sales teams focused on building partner ecosystems across IoT, Embedded, large multi-national OEM partners and local PC system builders. He has worked at software start-ups, consulting firms as well as at mid- to large-sized companies. He has significant experience leading diverse, globally dispersed teams in the manufacturing, PC and telecommunications industries across functions ranging from product design, program management and engineering to product marketing.