Trends and Challenges of Digital Transformation in Asia Pacific


Applications power the digital economy. Though broadly referred to as digital transformation, it is evident that businesses across industries are dependent on applications to deliver business outcomes.

From our 2020 State of Application Services Report: Asia Pacific Edition, organizations are leveraging the public cloud to participate in industry ecosystems, take advantage of cloud-native architectures, and deliver applications at the speed of the business. Yet, most still struggle with security and compliance concerns.

Join us in this lively webinar as we demystify the global key findings and difference between global and Asia Pacific; and why in this unprecedented times of COVID-19- applications services are more important than ever to Asia Pacific organizations.

Key webinar highlights include:

  • Research findings on 2020 State of Application Services Report
  • Key technology trends across Asia Pacific
  • Common roadblocks organizations face in their digital transformation journey 


Cindy Borovick

Cindy Borovick
Business Intelligence Manager


Keiichiro Nozaki
Senior Marketing Evangelist, APCJ

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