Attacks and Fraud in Uncertain Times


Because of COVID-19, the world has, by necessity, going into isolation. As a result, the outbreak has pushed everyone out of our normal routines - you and I are living differently, buying different, and in many ways, thinking differently. While the coronavirus is rapidly accelerating digital transformation across almost every industry, it has also dramatically expanded the cyberattack surface.

Shape, now part of F5, protects more accounts from fraud than everyone else in the world combined, giving us a unique perspective on what's happening during the current pandemic (or not happening). We reviewed our data and summarized our findings of COVID-19's impact on online traffic from customers, fraudsters, and bots.

The on-demand webinar will reveal:

  • The real impact of COVID-19 on ATOs, credential stuffing, and scraping attacks
  • How traffic and attack volumes vary across different industries
  • What companies can do to protect their web and mobile apps during uncertain times



Dan Woods
VP Shape Intelligence Center

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